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Neccessary change, THANK YOU

GatssGatss Member Posts: 22
  • The Borrowed time prevent survivor to be killed so fast after 15 min of waiting for a match. A general neccesity but hope survivor wont abuse it so mutch.(chasing killer all the time)
  • Lucky Break i mean come on, was completly useless before the buff and less than a minute isnt that strong
  • Freddy nerf THANK THE ***** GOD
  • Huntress realy good job
  • Obession no matter what is a great idea, keep the decisive PTSD witch it prevent killer to be an ***

Overall id like to say i understand all the change behavior dont expect to everyone agree with the change but i believe its heading into the good direction.

My suggestion

  • Spirit still need a nerf in my opinion like : be as invisible as the wraith or proper sound witch we can realy tell the distance from the killer and the survivor or a least remove the red stain when phasing
  • Bubba need to have a cool down after using his special either for faking it or after using it of 2 to 4 seconde witch would prevent those poeple of raging upon good survivor and let a chance to be saved
  • Pyramid head the same, killer mutch throw his attak or be punished for it on short distance
  • still tired to find bad item in chest and a perk who do not guarranty a good one is no way im using it

also still waiting for a different game mode.

Thank you for reading and "you did a pretty good job so far" :D


  • GatssGatss Member Posts: 22

    You can, but not spamming the fake chainsaw and pyramid attak aswell.

    Freddy was abusing his snare honnestly and the wake clock was completly useless untill now

  • YordsYords Member Posts: 4,136

    Faking a chainsaw seems fine to me, he is already a decently strong killer so he shouldn't get any nerfs.

    How did Freddy abuse his snares, using them in a chase? That is just because his power is poorly designed, he isn't necessarily abusing them. And all you have to do to avoid them in a chase (if you are asleep) is to drop the pallets early and hold W.

    His alarm clock was also not useless before either, in fact it was very useful.

  • GatssGatss Member Posts: 22

    Its not LoL its DbD faking chainsaw looks ridiculus and carry down the aspect of horror.

    If it were me i would place red stain around the killer to remove that ridiculus moon walk.

    i do it, i understand it, i dont like it.

    The alarm clock cannot be used in a chase 70% of the time the first hit occur on a suprise attak witch turn de clock useless

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 1,752

    Please don't nerf Bubba, he's perfect as he is.

  • GatssGatss Member Posts: 22

    they wont, the face camp possibility are too hight thats all

  • YordsYords Member Posts: 4,136

    ...by that logic billy also does not carry the aspect of horror. And no it is not ridiculous, this game isn't exactly the most horrifying game ever so it shouldn't be held to such a high standard. It isn't even that big of a deal.

    The moonwalk is easily countered if you know what you are doing, if killers didn't have the ability to do it successfully then the chasing killers would suffer a lot. That would be a nerf to killers in general.

    No one likes playing this way, and the freddy nerfs don't even fix this since you are pretty much playing the same way.

    The alarm clock is a utility that you can use outside of a chase. Like the plague's corruption pools, or the Pig's RBTs. Why would they ever be used IN a chase?

  • GladonosGladonos Member Posts: 68

    Spirit would be gutted if you could see her.

    Leatherface is the single most balanced killer in the game.

    I hate Pyramidhead so I agree even though what you are saying is probably just whining.

    Then don't waste your time with chests. What, you want a red key every time?

  • dbd4lifedbd4life Member Posts: 53

    all the changes were good beside lack of pallets on some maps include the new ones in my opinion.

    but honestly because toxic killers exist and toxic killer builds exist then object nerf is not necessary, maybe they nerfed it because they knew the maps will get smaller and make the perk less good anyway.

    in my opinion big maps with fogs and good amount of pallet loops and big walls to avoid broken killers like the nurse is good idea. i like big maps because it feels more of an adventure to cross them, small maps make it more competitive than horror.

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