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Lag with controller and mouse

JestJest Member Posts: 6

  • The platform you were playing on - PC
  • Your PC hardware, if applicable - Ryzen 5 5600x, GTX 1060, 16 GB RAM
  • The menu you were using - In game 
  • Which map you were playing on - One of the swamp maps, I think it is called grim pantry.
  • Which Killer you were playing as/against - Plague
  • When the performance drop started happening - When moving with a controller joystick and turning the camera with a mouse (The reason for this is my keyboard emulates a controller to have analog inputs)
  • How much of an impact this had on your performance - dropped from a stable fps to sifting between 40-30 constantly
  • And any other relevant info

When using a mouse and "controller" combo there is a great deal of lag causing the FPS to drop under 40 while moving and turning the camera.

After reading a line in the most recent patch notes (below), I was hoping I could use my optical keyboard in dead by daylight (emulates a controller for analog movement in games) but unfortunately there is still performance issues when doing this

"Fixed an issue where performance drops could happen when having a gamepad plugged while using a keyboard and mouse."

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  • DevonC97DevonC97 Member Posts: 8

    Yeah unfortunately this issue is still going on. I've been having the same problems too for over a month now...Very frustrating. I hope they completely fix it soon.

  • disgustdisgust Member Posts: 3

    i'm glad more people are pointing this out. i too was hoping they fixed it after reading the changelog

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