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Survivor: Ashy Slashy puppet cosmetic clipping

Platform: PS5 (and all other platforms)

Description of the issue: Ashley J. Williams’ Ashy Slashy puppet cosmetic does not hold items correctly. This is any item ranging from toolboxes to medkits. These items clip (glitch) through the puppet.

Steps to reproduce: Just play Ash with his puppet holding an item such as a toolbox or a medkit. It is glaringly obvious. Flashlights also do not work as intended and will not blind the killer from the correct angle with the puppet.

How often does this occur: Every single time you bring an item with the puppet equipped. Has not been fixed since the previous update when this bug first started occurring.

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  • ItzPixelYTItzPixelYT Member Posts: 527

    Feel like they won't patch this till they do a Character remodel or something.

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