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Coldwind Farm Lighting changes

Jmang1245Jmang1245 Member Posts: 30

I just wanted to say the new Coldwind Farm changes look sweet. It kinda reminds of me of Hunt showdown a bit. Please make more maps look like this. Now if you guys could only add a few more tiles with better loops around the middle-ish area of Rotten fields , that would be nice.


  • Thund3rstruck57Thund3rstruck57 Member Posts: 121

    @Jmang1245 I personally prefer the dark orange night sky of the previous iterations of these maps. It kind of gave them an apocalyptic vibe. But hey, if you like the new daytime versions, that's cool too. To each their own.

  • Jmang1245Jmang1245 Member Posts: 30

    Yeah I can understand that. For me personally some of the maps are so dark that I have to crank the brightness on my monitor and it ends up hurting my eyes after playing for a few hours. So its a welcome change from me.

  • Saltjar34Saltjar34 Member Posts: 402

    Wow, someone likes new Coldwind lighting? All the posts I've seen are about people complaining about it

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