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Game Disconnect with penalty.

DrSlaughter22DrSlaughter22 Member Posts: 19

I was in the middle of a match and was forced out to the menu even though my internet connection is fine. Smooth all game. Then when I go back to find another match, it penalized me for leaving even though I didn't. Why would the game penalize people for the game disconnecting people from the server. I never intentionally disconnect ever!

There should be some way to tell if its intentional or not. Maybe by manually exiting the game through the pause menu, or by looking at the players connection. If it instantly goes all the way down with no signal at all, they pulled the plug. If its fluctuating and they drop the connection, thats different. Maybe if the connection drops often then ban them, because an unstable connection Isnt good for online play. But disconnecting once in a blue moon isnt fair to the players that never disconnect, that stay till the end even if they lose.

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  • Asian_D_lite81Asian_D_lite81 Member Posts: 1

    PS4 Coldwind Farms with Barn against Deathslinger.

    Exit gates were opened, I was headed there behind the barn, he shot me got me and during being reeled in my screen froze then screen turned blue, error said report issue and then load screen. I got a timer and lost 2 pips alsong with rank. I was rank 8 now I'm 9.

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