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Why Do We De-Pip if Two People Leave?

WarMachine2101WarMachine2101 Member Posts: 10

Recently had this happen a few times and no matter how many times I run it over in my head, I cannot for the life of me understand why if two people abandon a match, at least early on that is, you're still going to De-Pip. Start of the match, Lery's Institute, A Gunslinger, overall not a bad match, looks like it can be fun. Nope. A Meg crashes or DCs when she sees it's Lery's, Feng Min helping me fix a generator immediately stands up, I fear the worse, I'm right. The Gunslinger grabs her and before she even reaches him she disappears into thin air. Gunslinger looks at me for a moment, realizing we're all de-pipping and just goes for it and downs me, then gets my friend on the other side of the hallway. I honestly can't understand why someone Abandoning doesn't reward more BPs towards Emblems, and even then, make it worth my wasted time looking for and getting into a match, my wasted yellow Medkit with add-ons, common offering, totalling up for over 12k BPs, of course the Medkit was optional but I still had it wasted by luck of the draw for crappy teamates, but I'm left with 1,200 BPs, that's it. Not even enough to cover my common bandages used on my Medkit. A De-Pip when I'm actively trying to up my rank from 7 to red ranks. I'm not saying that I want like 5k BPs if someone leaves early game and a guaranteed Pip-Up, but after having wasted over ten minutes making a different load out for a game, wasting some BP, etc. I just want to not De-Pip if I'm dealt the worse card possible.


  • ZathardosZathardos Member Posts: 12

    The Emblem system has specific rules that need to be met to reach the different tiers. When a player DC's they are no longer providing points needed for those emblems, so you lose out. Unfortunately the best you can do is cut your losses and try to make up for the points elsewhere in the trial.


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