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Reddit Q&A | June 4, 2018

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Question from mrsmile151

Will we ever get a buff to We're gonna live forever? Killer's BBQ give extra BP and ability too see survivors, and they gain this by doing what they are suppose to do. Survivors have to go out of their way just to get 1 token, and even that's not a guarantee, since another survivor get's the unhook before you even get there. The best way is to take a hit while simply while they are in the dying state or on the shoulder for just 1 token and 99% of cases, that won't help them. Taking a hit while they are being chases is super wonky and you have to pretty much right next to them. I've been in multi-pal cases where I got 4 tokens and still didn't even get double BP at the end of the match.

TL:DR We are using a perk for BP, that's very situational, doesn't really help the team, and doesn't help us.
Perhaps we could get a token for fixing a generator as well?


Design team answer

WGLF isn't a perk we are currently working on. The idea with BBQ & Chili is that the aura reading and token gathering promotes a healthier gameplay, inciting the killer to leave the hooked survivor. Getting tokens with BBQ & Chili has more conditions than getting tokens with WGLF.

We aren't sure what we want to do with BP perks for the future.

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    Question from mexorcist1

    The rank reset has no rewards, is there any reason it needs to happen once a month? It feels like a pointless grind to go back to playing against good players. For that reason I just don't play survivor anymore (my lesser played of the two). Once every two or three months makes more sense to me. Or introduce rewards on rank resets (bonus iridescent shards or something after the June patch) It seems like we have been waiting on a leader board and rank rewards for a year and a half now.


    For now, the major changes with the rank reset like reviewing the pace of the reset and the rewards would be tied with the implementation of the leaderboard (which isn't planned for soonTM)

    In the meantime, we are attempting to include a small QoL change for the next Mid-Chapter patch. The reset range would be shortened. For example, if you are R1, you would reset to R10 instead of R15.

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    Question from casaroppolis

    When will the update be going live?



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    Question from TranquilParagon

    What do you guys have planned for survivors to break LOS and help in chases?
    So many of us are tired of pallet looping.


    We reworked some of the loops in older maps. This is an ongoing process and we will keep on adding some changes.

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    Question from Black_Mercury

    You've explained the purpose behind the struggle phase and button mashing on the hook, it's intended to make us feel uncomfortable, prevent us from relaxing. However, button mashing can be painful for some people, and people who get framerate problems often fail to have their struggle recognized when their frames spike. Have you considered replacing the struggle mechanic with another that could cause less pain, but still create the intended effect of dis-comfort, such as a series of skill-checks in place of button mashing.


    This is something we are now open to reconsider because we feel that after 2 years, we need to improve some game mechanics. It is currently in the backlog.

    As far as the framerate issue, this is something we need to fix before we work on the mechanic changes.
    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Question from Xumoteon

    Can the Trapper be notified by a location when a trap is disarmed? All too often as a Trapper someone will just follow me and disarm all my traps while I am roaming the map and basically make his ability useless.

    Survivors can sabotage traps for free basically but as Killers we only have perks/add-ons for when someone is actually trapped, but no way to prevent someone from sabotaging the traps themselves.


    We are attempting a few changes for trapper at the Mid-Chapter patch!

    We are currently testing trap regen, we want to try starting with more than 1 trap in-hand and adding a few more addons to protect your traps.

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