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Is there actually a map pool?

NebulaNebula Member Posts: 452

I feel like there’s like 5 maps in the rotation a day. Either I have rngesus on my side or getting midwich three games in a row is common.


  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 1,855

    I haven't seen some maps in a long time where it was chosen at random.

  • APoipleTurtleAPoipleTurtle Member Posts: 1,200

    Sometimes it kinda feels more like a map puddle.

    I've definitely had days where I was constantly getting one map 3-4 times in a row before rotating to a new locale (and then getting THAT 3-4 times in a row). Worst I've ever seen it be involved getting Pale Rose 12 times back-to-back, but that was years ago (and it hasn't happened a second time).

    Not sure why it does this though, because every map should theoretically have the same chance of being selected (1 in 35; about a 3% chance of being picked). I don't know for certain, but Coldwind's maps might have a higher-than-normal selection weight right now due to that realm's recent visual update.

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,273

    I think it's weighted somehow, but I don't know how or why. I just know that most days, I can identify a particular realm that seems to be The Realm of the Day, and I keep getting the same couple of maps, occasionally interspersed with something else. Then, I'll watch a streamer and see that they're getting those maps, too.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 3,867
    edited May 9

    Yeah and it's always just the five Badham maps that nobody likes.

  • A_Skinny_LegendA_Skinny_Legend Member Posts: 844

    It's hard to say because of map offerings.

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 3,972
    edited May 9

    According to my dreams of being a BHVR employee in a past life, I think there is a map pool and its manually weighted in advance for up to a few upcoming days. I definitely remember in the dream rigging Haddonfield to have an increased chance of 12% on a upcoming Sunday or a weight of 12 in the map pool not sure which all I could tell from the dream was haddonfield, sunday, and the number 12, for what reason I don't know

  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 1,075

    I had Autohaven and Haddonfield back to back to back all week with an occasional other map tossed in. It's reminding me of the Badham rework where they didn't remove the increased chance for a month so almost every damn match was Badham, it was so bad I brought it up for the Q&A where they addressed it.

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