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Killers interaction with each other in the Fog



  • TrueKn1ghtmar3TrueKn1ghtmar3 Member Posts: 456
    Terrortot said:
    Would be interesting foreshadowing for a 2killer mode competing for survivors
    6-8 survivors flashing, bodyblocking and being toxic with 2 killers ? Sign me up !  ;)
    Freddy+doc team?
  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 2,256

    @KillerRaccoon said:
    When I watched the stream, this actually came as a surprise to me because a very long time ago someone asked a similar question about the Killers interacting and the Devs said that The Entity kept the Killers alone and isolated. It was said they didn’t even know other Killers existed in the realm. I don’t know why the Devs changed this piece of the lore but it’s an interesting turn.

    They probably decided to change the lore, maybe for something that is about to come. Killer vs Killer gamemode confirmed? ;)

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