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Hex: Aftercurse

Hi there everyone. Had an idea that when your totem gets destroyed it will apply a curse on every survivor or on certain objects for the rest of the game. Power of the curse would be lowering the more gens u do if the curse takes effect immediately.
For example destroying Ruin would result in getting a notification if a survivor starts repairing a generator. This would have cooldown 5/10/15/20 seconds (for 1,2,3,4 gens done).
Destroying Devour Hope would make it so that first survivor who starts opening the exit gate is dealth damage equal to one health state and killer is notified. Gate opening action is disabled for that survivor for 30 seconds aswell.
NOED: grants exposed effect on a survivor who destroyed NOED, if this hex perk would not be able to spawn it instead reveals the survivor's aura who destroyed last totem on a map to the killer for 10 seconds.
Haunted ground: instead of second hex totem becoming dull totem it keeps being hex and curses another random totem on the map to a hex state. Survivors aura who are 12 meters away of the totem are revealed to the killer. Totems still can be cleansed like any other hex for 1000bp.
U got the idea by now. Thanks for reading

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