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The exit gates

One of the maybe 3 things I find most infuriating about this game is when you play killer and you don't tunnel, you hook and leave, you basically do everything to "play fair" and the last survivor or two wants to teabag on their way out. I can get over the teabag easily but what really makes it infuriating is when you down the survivor at the gate and they get the escape anyway. 
Personally, if you go down at the gate, you shouldn't get the win. 
I find it less infuriating but more of an eye roll situation when it happens and I'm playing survivor. Why? Just leave! I like to spectate when I leave the gate and see this happen so very often. I can see if the killer was a dbag but why do it to the few of us that play fair?


  • OblitiryOblitiry Member Posts: 487
    Because people are either #########, having fun or they just don't care. I'm in the having fun/not caring category so tbagging or butt dancing will never bug me. It does amuse me however especially when they're twitching around like chihuahuas haha!
  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,059
    Someone was ringing on my door as the gens were completed. So I left the PC while standing next to a gate. I thought, that the game is over anyway. Came back to the PC after half an hour. Someone was standing in front of me, teabagging...

    Those kids really like to waste time.
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