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Slower / worse performance recently?

miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

I've been playing the game for a couple of months and it's been perfectly smooth sailing (both the PC and the Switch Lite, no issues). But over the last week I've noticed that in addition to matches taking what seems like twice as long to load (the loading bar while waiting for the match to begin would usually fill then still take about 20 seconds to get me into the match, now it takes longer to fill and at least a good 30-40 seconds to start once it gets there), there's also been some severe lag spikes here and there for no apparent reason. I'll be playing and once or twice a night, boom, the frames drop to a slideshow for about 20 or 30 seconds.

This never happened to me before, and nothing on my end has changed. Is anyone else experiencing similar performance issues?


  • lemonswaylemonsway Member Posts: 979

    It's happening to everyone, some people are more affected than others. Most likely Server issues and DbD being DbD.

  • TF_RyuuTF_Ryuu Member Posts: 76

    I have random Fps drop if swap from controller to mouse as surv for use flash light

  • xenotimebongxenotimebong Member Posts: 2,803

    Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed this. I get frame drops and lag spikes more frequently as killer, but I haven’t noticed anything in particular causing it so haven’t put in a report because it’s kind of vague.

    One thing I HAVE noticed for sure is that there are certain spots outside of the shack where I nearly always get rubber banded back while running around it.

  • MB666MB666 Member Posts: 505

    Yeah that happened to me recently, it's annoying while chasing

  • zarrzarr Member Posts: 481

    I have been having similar issues both as killer and survivor. Definitely something on their end because nothing changed on mine. Running Steam in -no-browser mode helps a bit, however, so it may be a bit of a cuprit as well.

    Something people particularly on newer hardware could try: add a -DX12 launch parameter to DbD - it will run the game in DirectX 12, which can lead to improvements in stability.

  • gibblywibblywoogibblywibblywoo Member Posts: 3,773

    I've been getting frame skips and even some weird lag spikes.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Thanks for the responses, it's good to know that it's not just me. It's weird that it only began kind of suddenly, at least in my case. Hopefully it will be fixed. Going from smooth to skipping 30 frames or so every second is really detrimental to a game like this.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,854

    I've noticed it takes FOREVER to load into a match once the load bar is full.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Lol I'll have to wait for another stimulus check for that one.

    Yep, that's just it. It's not just the weird drastic framedrops during the occasional match, it's the fact that it takes FOREVER for the game to start even once the loading bar is full. As I mentioned before it used to take 15 or 20 seconds after the loading bar was full for the match to actually begin (this taxing the purpose of having a loading bar but whatever). Now it takes at least 30-40 seconds, sometimes a full minute. It's like something is clogging up the game on their end.

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