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To make it easier to find people to play with:

Please specify if you have Crossplay enabled or disabled.

If it's disabled, please mention which platform you're on in the title. Thank you!

Looking for some cool players, doesn't matter what you play on so crossplay enabled! :)

Hex_AverageStudentHex_AverageStudent Member Posts: 22
edited May 2021 in Looking For Players

Hey, I'm looking for some cool people to play with, doesn't matter what you play on! If you play on steam I can friend you there, if you play on something else just comment here or private message me!!



  • Kman2808Kman2808 Member Posts: 1

    Hey im a ps4 player i have crossplay on if you want to play my user is Konst2808#cbad

  • mysteryzzzmysteryzzz Member Posts: 2

    I'm on steam! MysteryZzz

  • Seege1408Seege1408 Member Posts: 2

    I’m on Xbox but crossplay is on! Seege1408

  • vdizzle_111vdizzle_111 Member Posts: 51

    I'm ps4 and crossplay is on! vdizzle_111

  • KiwayKiway Member Posts: 7

    Hey id be in, this is my steam code: 95006041

    Also for everyone else who would fancy some games :D

    Im somewhere between purple and red, but am not taking things too seriously.

  • ghostfacebexghostfacebex Member Posts: 2

    I'm on ps5 and have cross play enabled.

    User: GhostFaceBex

    Nea main👻

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