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Killer not able to pick up survivor at this spot

papabear2009papabear2009 Member Posts: 115
edited May 2021 in Bug Reporting

I was playing Trickster and one of the survivors (Bill) purposely went to this location for me to down them and I wasn't able to pick them up.

map: Father Campbell's Chapel- Crotus Prenn Asylum

location on map: Basement stairs in Killer Shack

Survivor: Bill

Killer: Trickster

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  • whereismykebabwhereismykebab Member Posts: 217

    Same with the basement issue, seems like it's not quite fixed with patch 4.7.2. The killer couldn't pick me up here with my arm partially in the wall.

    It was on the Levy realm, I didn't check which map number

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