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Really bad connection issues last night / this morning?

miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

I played a session from roughly 11 pm to 3 am this morning and WOW, were there connection issues galore. I was disconnected while on the main menu, a game was closed after "launching" because "a player disconnected before the match", and at one point my game sputtered so bad that I literally just ran to a somewhat safe spot and held the crouch button for almost a solid minute before the slideshow ended.

And there was more. Out of maybe 25 games (I was in and out and doing a lot of bloodweb stuff in between matches) I'd say that honestly at least 15 of them had DCs. Additionally there were at least four AFKs that I can remember. In one match I downed the survivor then, once I realized that she wasn't wiggling, dropped her and walked away to let her be healed. After the healing she still hadn't move, so I downed her again, picked her up, and ran around trying to find a teammate to watch me drop her and nod at her like "hey, you're down a survivor, that isn't fair so I'm gonna let you guys win". They didn't get it so finally at the EGC I tried to carry the AFK survivor to the gate, hoping for the best, but then they DC'd in my arms. This was as Plague on Coldwind. Another match (two in a row, actually) was as Plague on Coldwind. Then there was one as Pig on Yamaoka (in this case a fellow survivor caught on to what I was doing and simply took the heal points as I waited and repeatedly downed the AFK player). Lastly I was Plague on Haddonfield and I went after two Claudettes. I hooked one, she was saved, but she was slow so I hooked her right away again. Knowing how crummy that feels I immediately left, knowing that the other Claudette would help. But she didn't, she DC'd. I felt terrible as the hooked Claudette died. Then I ran all over, looking for the final survivor, only to see her in the street - pointing, repeatedly - I mean over and over and over - as crows circled her head. I moved around and saw that she was apparently AFK too. I downed her and brought her to the hatch, and this time I was surprised to see that she "came to". She hopped out of my arms, bowed to thank me, and escaped.

This.......this is insane. Literally like 20 people were having connection / AFK issues over the course of the night. Did this happen to anyone else?


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