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Noticeably more frequent DC / AFK this morning

miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719
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This isn't PTB but I thought it was worth bringing to your attention all the same.

I played a session from roughly 11 pm to 3 am this morning and there were connection issues galore. I was disconnected while on the main menu, a game was closed after "launching" because "a player disconnected before the match", and at one point my game sputtered so bad that I literally just ran to a somewhat safe spot and held the crouch button for almost a solid minute before the slideshow ended.

And there was more. Out of maybe 25 games (I was in and out and doing a lot of bloodweb stuff in between matches) I'd say that honestly at least 15 of them had DCs. Additionally there were at least four AFKs that I can remember. In one match I downed the survivor then, once I realized that she wasn't wiggling, dropped her and walked away to let her be healed. After the healing she still hadn't move, so I downed her again, picked her up, and ran around trying to find a teammate to watch me drop her and nod at her like "hey, you're down a survivor, that isn't fair so I'm gonna let you guys win". They didn't get it so finally at the EGC I tried to carry the AFK survivor to the gate, hoping for the best, but then they DC'd in my arms. This was as Plague on Coldwind. Another match (two in a row, actually) was as Plague on Coldwind. Then there was one as Pig on Yamaoka (in this case a fellow survivor caught on to what I was doing and simply took the heal points as I waited and repeatedly downed the AFK player). Lastly I was Plague on Haddonfield and I went after two Claudettes. I hooked one, she was saved, but she was slow so I hooked her right away again. Knowing how crummy that feels I immediately left, knowing that the other Claudette would help. But she didn't, she DC'd. I felt terrible as the hooked Claudette died. Then I ran all over, looking for the final survivor, only to see her in the street - pointing, repeatedly - I mean over and over and over - as crows circled her head. I moved around and saw that she was apparently AFK too. I downed her and brought her to the hatch, and this time I was surprised to see that she "came to". She hopped out of my arms, bowed to thank me, and escaped.

My games were always quite smooth until a few weeks ago, when I started getting lag spikes once a session that turned my game into a slideshow for about 15 seconds. Today it was twice, one of those times being honestly 30-50 seconds (hard to estimate, but it was VERY long). And while I've seen DC's ramp up slightly over the same amount of time - 1 or 2 per several-hour session, perhaps - today was, as I've described, massively unstable. The multiple AFKs is also unusual.

All times are US Central. I also want to note that I had the beta installed upon release, tested it for a couple of hours, and came back to the vanilla game. This was my first session since reverting to vanilla. This was also all recorded, so if visual information would help please let me know.

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  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Just played another match, literally just now, and once again there was an AFK for half the match and my game hit more serious lag spikes (though this time for only about ten seconds). The match itself also took almost 2 minutes to load (the bar-filling screen). I was Heather vs Michael on one of the MacMillan maps.

    Not really sure what's going on. I'm on a solid, wired computer with no problems doing anything else.

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