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Trickster is too cool to be so weak

scorpioscorpio Member Posts: 341

He needs a buff, at the very least to his speed. I think they made him 4.4m/s because of his range a la Huntress but unlike Huntress he needs to throw like 20 damn knives to get a survivor to the injured state and then another like 20 more to down them. It takes forever, it’s super easy for survivors to dodge or break line of sight, the meter starts going down very quickly undoing all the progress you’ve made, like it’s just such a mess. We paid money for this killer, he should at least be viable and fun to play.

I also think his Main Event needs to be changed. Personally I think his blades should become like Huntress’s hatchets and immediately change the survivor’s injured state to the next level but if not that, make the meter fill like twice as fast or something I don’t know.

Devs, I know you like to wait 2+ years before you buff killers but don’t do the Trickster like that. He’s such a cool character, I love his design and I want to play with him. However, he’s just so weak, particularly at high ranks, that playing him can be painful and very unfun.


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