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DC phenomenom

PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 977

I'm playing a lot more killer, having a lot of fun playing Blight. I've come to notice that survivors still DC before being hooked, as if in spite.

Now, whenever they do this I just laugh and carry on. But I recently watched a streamers VOD back where they did this and they said I must be "fuming". I'm wondering, do all survivors that do this really have this mentality?

Do any of you killers actually "fume" when someone DCs as your carrying them to a hook? I don't get where that idea comes from.


  • AssassinZodiacAssassinZodiac Member Posts: 259

    Nah, it never bothers me in the slightest when a survivor dc's when I'm killer. It just makes me laugh that they made my match way easier and gave me free points for no work.

    Now as survivor, I hate it when a teammate dc's. Especially early in the match. It just royally screws over the teammates.

    People are sorely misguided if they think dc'ing hurts the killer at all.

  • justalilbit123justalilbit123 Member Posts: 149

    There really is nothing funnier in this game than downing someone and them disconnecting. The cherry on top is when they wait 5 - 10 minutes for the game to end and copy paste into chat the paragraph of salt they typed up while waiting.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    There have been times when a killer was super sweaty with me and I simply thought "eh, I've got better things to do" and disconnected as soon as he knocked me down. Let him have his 500 points or however much for downing me, I just shrugged and moved on to the next match.

    I don't do this regularly because I feel bad for the other survivors who now also have to deal with the guy's bullshit, but if I can tell that I'm against an eye-rolling killer and am just going to spend a miserable five minutes getting a paltry 6,000 BP, who cares. No fuming, just "whatever".

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 4,943

    Fuming? No. Usually I'm laughing or confused. I mean, I usually don't even play to kill, so someone DCing is throwing away a lot of points for no reason. And even if I am playing to kill for a challenge or something, I'm not very good, it is really easy to win against me. So, yeah, any survivor who disconnects against me is just making themselves look very foolish, and I'm certainly not fuming over it.

    lol fuming. What nonsense these players think up sometimes. They project way too much onto their opposition. Says more about them than anything.

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