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Stargate SG1 & Stargate Atlantis Chapter Idea

Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,060

Stargate SG1 Chapter:

Description - Apophis' gold Serpent armour.

The Goa'uld


24m 🎯

Tall ↕

Power: The Gods Power

The Goa'uld possess a wide arsenal of technology and weaponary of incredible power that has been scavenged, adopted and developed into their culture in order to maintain and rule as Gods among the stars.

Press the Secondary Ability button to switch between the Goa'uld's weapons.

Special Ability: Kara Kesh

A hand device used by all Goa'uld to inflict immense pain on their enemies and subjects.

Press and Hold the Power button to activate the Kara Kesh. When activated, release the Power button to emit a verticle pyramid-shaped rippling pulse of energy in front of you that launches and knocks all survivors that are in it's path off of their feet sending them up to 8m away. Any survivor that is impacted directly by a launched survivor suffers one health state of damage. Survivors that are launched and knocked over remain on the floor for 0.5 seconds and suffer with the Hindered status effect for 1.5 seconds after they regain their footing. Has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

Special Ability: Staff

The destructive power of the Staff's blast causes a 1m splash of debris when impacting an object.

Has 3 charges, Press and Hold the Power button to aim the Staff weapon. While aiming, press the Attack button to fire a blast of energy, consuming a token. Tokens have a recharge time of 3 seconds. A healthy survivor impacted by any part of the blast suffers one health state of damage. An injured survivor impacted by the splash of debris becomes afflicted with Deep Wound. An injured survivor hit directly with the Staff's blast is put into the dying state.


The Goa'uld:

Kneel To Your God - Your power must be reverred by all, on pain of death.

Any Survivors that remain within 16m of you, while not being chased and are not crouched, for longer than 3 seconds have their location revealed to you via Killer Instinct for 3 seconds.

Has a cooldown of 35/30/25 seconds.

"Bow down before your God!" - Apophis

Sarcophagus - You take the necessary time to rest your body in order to strengthen your mental control.

Whenever a survivor escapes a chase shortly after stunning you, for the next 60 seconds or until you hit a survivor, gain the Undetectable status effect.

Has a cooldown of 120/100/80 seconds.

"I must rest more in the sarcophagus, this host you chose for me is strong." - Clorel

Death Glider - Deployed to allow swift defence and deadly pursuit of targets.

Whenever a generator is fully repaired,  gain a 15% increase to movement speed while you are not chasing a survivor for 10/15/20 seconds.

Gain a 10% stackable increase to pallet stun recovery for each generator repaired.

"It's coming back around!" - Captain Sam Carter

Survivor - Colonel Jack O'Niell:

Decoy Transmission - You know best how to trick and manipulate your enemy in order to misdirect and defeat them.

After succeeding at 5 great skill-checks this perk activates. Once active, while injured, press the Active Ability button to cause your groans of pain to be emitted 6m in front of the current location of the Killer as well as your own location for 4/6/8 seconds.

- Increases your chances of being the Obsession.

- The Killer can only be obssessed with one survivor at a time.

"Hello, hello? Testing." - Colonel Jack O'Niell

The Strength Of Alliances - You realise how crucial strong allies are and will defend them to a high moral standard for the good of everyone.

Stunning the Killer when an injured teammate is within 12m of you causes the Killers aura to be revealed to that Survivor for 1/2/3 seconds.

This perk can be used once every 30 seconds.

"It's not their stuff that we need. But we do need them." - Colonel Jack O'Niell

Last Man Out - As leader it's your job to make sure your team are safe. You will not leave them behind, and are willing to die in their place.

While the Endgame Collapse is active your location is revealed to the killer via Killer Instinct every 10 seconds for 2 seconds.

 - Successfully unhooking a teammate places them immediately into the healthy state at the cost of you gaining the Exhausted and Hindered status effect for 100/80/60 seconds.

- Your wiggle speed is increased by 35%.

- The effects of wiggling are reduced by 50%.

"I would rather die with her than lose her." - Colonel Jack O'Niell

Map: SGC - Level 28


Stargate Atlantis Chapter:

Description - Caretaker Wraith Queen

The Queen


32m 🎯

Average ↕

Power: Feeding Ground

Humans are your source of food. You possess capabilities to gain strength from the Life-force of the survivors.

When a Survivor is in the dying state, Press and hold the Power button to feed on the Survivor, increasing your Life-force meter. Feeding on them drains the survivors bleed out timer by 1/4 (60 seconds). This afflicts the survivor with the Enzyme status effect.

Survivors afflicted with the Enzyme status effect cannot be picked-up by the Killer, have their bleed out timer deccelerated by 100% when dying, cannot recover themself into injured and no longer reveal their aura or the aura of any other survivor interacting with them to the Killer. A teammate is required to heal them to injured. Feeding on a survivor increases your Life-force meter by 100%.

Feeding Ground cannot be used when the Life-force gauge is full.

Killing a survivor via Feeding Ground does not count towards Emblem progression.

Feeding Ground cannot be used when Cellular Regeneration is active.

Special Ability: Cellular Regeneration

Once you have gained a substantial amount of Life-force, press the Secondary Ability button to draw on your new aquired strength. While active, you move at 5.2m/s and have an additional slightly increased lunge.

Pressing the Secondary Ability button while Cellular Regeneration is active will deactivate it at the cost of a bonus 10%.

Special Enemy: Iratus Bugs

Iratus Bugs lie in webs weaved in random areas of the environment. If a survivor comes into contact with the Iratus Bug's web they are attacked and Leeched on by the Bug revealing the survivor's location via Killer Instinct. Leeched survivors suffer from the Hindered and Enzyme status effect and increases The Queen's Life-force gauge over time. If the Iratus Bug is not removed within 90 seconds the Leeched survivor will scream revealing their location and enter the dying state.

Iratus Bugs can be removed/killed by a Survivor dropping a pallet on the Leeched survivor or blinding them. Iratus Bugs in a web can only be killed by blinding them.

Iratus Bugs respawn in the environment over a short time.


The Queen:

Implanted Beacon - Runners are your species' sport, you take great pleasure in hunting them down.

Whenever a Survivor is unhooked further than 32m away this perk activates. Once active, when the unhooked Survivor is healed to healthy they have their location revealed to you via Killer Instinct for 5 seconds every 40/35/30 seconds.

The perk deactivates on the affected Survivor when they are next injured or placed into the dying state.

"They operated on me, put some sort of tracking device in my back and released me. They hunted me..." - Ronon Dex

Culling - Your species is experienced at claiming multiple people in swift succession.

Whenever there are 2 or more suvivors in the hooked or dying state, the auras of any survivor further than 56m/48m/40m from your location are revealed to you.

"Our feeding ground has not been so rich in 10,000 years!" - Hive Queen

Hex: Cocoon - A hex that affects all survivor's repair progress. All generators are affected by Hex: Cocoon. Whenever a generator is completed, all generators currently being repaired become blocked for 20/25/30 seconds.

Blocked generators are highlighted in a white aura.

The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.

"We are merely the caretakers for those that sleep." - Hive Queen

Survivor - Major John Sheppard:

Ancient Gene - Within you lies the ability to use the technology of the Ancients.

After healing another survivor by one full health state this perk activates. Once active, the next time you are hooked, a random generator that is currently regressing further than 32m away from you, will stop regressing and start gaining progress at a rate of 25% for as long as you are hooked.

A generator being repaired by this perk is highlighted in blue to all Survivors.

If the Killer damages the affected generator you regain 50% of your hook state.

"Did I do that?" - Major John Sheppard

Mutual Interest - You are no stranger to scratching backs. It's a mission directive to seek out allies to aid in the defence of your people from a common enemy.

Each time another Survivor heals you by a health state, gain a 5% stackable bonus to unhook speed. Up to a maximum of 50%.

Survivors that are unhooked by another Survivor further than 24m away from your location have their aura revealed to you for 2/4/6 seconds.

"I'm sure you'll like me when you get to know me." - Major John Sheppard

Hero's Appeal - You seem to have a certain appeal which causes people to take a liking to you.

Your healing speed is increased by 50% when you are healing a survivor of the opposite sex.

While repairing or healing, odds of triggering skill-checks are *slightly/moderately/considerably* increased when you are within 8m of a survivor or the opposite sex.

"We're practically friends already." - Major John Sheppard

Map: Atlantis - Gate Control Tower

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