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What a great day of playing

I played for 4 or 5 hours today. In that time:

  • All the matches lasted a good ten minutes or more, which is exactly what I like
  • All the matches were back and forth; competitive (with an exception, I'll get to that)
  • I escaped probably 15 out of 20 matches which is pretty good for me
  • I got the III-50 achievement for the first time
  • Because of that I've finally been able to start funneling BP into a new character
  • I got a varied amount of killers, only a couple of repeats (wish I could RANCID ABATTOIR cough cough RANCID ABATTOIR cough say the same thing RANCID ABATTOIR cough cough about the maps)
  • One of the killers, a Doctor, was apparently farming or going for a challenge since he just shocked us and beat us around but otherwise walked with us and allowed us to do gens and heal each other. This was already cool since it rarely happens to me but doubly so because it happened to be JUST after choosing a Rift challenge that required me to complete several gens with a specific perk in a single match.
  • Another killer was Amanda, who I always like to see. I was the last one left and either she was messing with me or legitimately trying to free me because she brought me to the exit gate, tried to get it to open, dropped me when it didn't, allowed me to get up and try opening it myself, but then hit me and knocked me down, then allowed me to get back up, etc. Eventually I died. Don't know about that one, lol.
  • In another match there was a Huntress who was crazy good at map pressure, it took us ages and half the team to get the gens down. It was fun though. After escaping I congratulated her on the game and she expressed remorse that she wasn't able to complete a challenge. But before I could even respond she went so far as to apologize if her behavior had been annoying in the match. A killer actually APOLOGIZED for possibly being annoying (which she wasn't). I told her that I felt bad for unknowingly screwing up her challenge and told her that had I known, I would have allowed her the sacrifice. We wished each other luck in encountering each other again.
  • Another match gave me the greatest startle I've ever had playing this game as, maybe 20 seconds into the trial, I was moving about the environs trying to figure out what was where, who we were up against, etc., and I spotted my first gen. I tapped it so I could find it later then turned to continue walking in the direction that I had been. Only this time, as if summoned by my camera panning to the generator and back, Ghostface was now directly in my path, crouched with his knife in the air. I walked straight into him as the terror chord struck.
  • Because someone used Bloody Streamers and we did well in the match I got the most points I ever have as a survivor, 60,000 plus.
  • In another Huntress match (she was the only one I faced repeatedly today) the beginning was a comedy of errors as all four of us started in the main building and decided to check out the basement. By the time we got back up Huntress was already there and downed two of us quickly because we were all blocking each other in the chaos of trying to get out. One of the players was Ash and he tried to use his protection hit but the Huntress missed and hit me instead. Then as I tried to run back down into the basement and do an end run around her she smashed me directly in the face with a hatchet. With three of us down I figured that the game was already over but Bill managed to flee and save us, starting a chain reaction of musical hooks and none of us getting anything else done. We lost that one, lol.
  • No Dead Dawg Saloon, but I did get the stupid swamp twice.
  • On that swamp I barely eked out the one escape against a skilled Deathslinger, who I never get to see.
  • I looped and successfully evaded killers probably ten times which, for a non-looper, felt kind of good.
  • I was the player who was able to secure escape for the team multiple times.
  • Only had to leave someone behind once (they were being camped).
  • Massive reduction in server / disconnection issues which have been crazy lately.
  • No massive lag spikes which have been a daily issue for weeks.
  • No Trickster.
  • No Wraith.
  • No Bubba.
  • No Spirit.

Why did I post this? Why should anyone care? I don't know. Why does anyone post anything? Today was an absolutely fantastic, utterly satisfying day of playing which reminded me over and over how much I love this game, and I thought that I'd do my part to help reduce the negativity even if only by a little bit.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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