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Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,144

As either Killer or survivor, if you play a match and complete it you will see the end game report. Now if you look at the end game report it will tell you a certain rank (in my case it showed as rank 20) and that you pipped for that rank. But if you go forward to the results screen then go back to the pipping screen it will change the shown rank (my case rank 20) back to your actual rank that you should've pipped for. (My rank is 14 and I have 4 pips [Tier 3 of rank 14]) but in reality you didnt pip at all even though it just told you, that you in fact did pip.

So rank is indeed bugged and needs to be looked at.

I assume the bug started after the SBMM test on the Server side, and it is very frequent.

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