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Yeah the SBMM news is great but...

Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,144
edited June 2021 in General Discussions

Are you going to address the bugs it also brought?

Like rank roulette 2.0?

Like people are complaining about It on all platforms, and some are having it worse than others for example:

If you Pipped as survivor or killer on the Pipping scale screen it shows you as rank 20 (for example) but in the top right corner it shows that you are still the rank you were.

For me I'm currently a rank 13 killer with 2 pips. But if I pipped twice, it doest count because it it shows it pipped up rank 20 instead of my actual rank of 13 and 2 pips. So I could be rank 12 instead of rank 13 and 2 pips.

So we are stuck at Rank 13 and 2 pips (or where ever you are at) or we deranked farther than usual.

Can we get an update on if you are looking into this? Cause if you dont look Into this you are going to get a lot more rank 20s in the coming weeks.

And yes alot of people have posted about this in bug reports I'm just addressing that it has yet to be addressed by the dev team about this game breaking bug.


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