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Is server side hit validation even a thing?

NebulaNebula Member Posts: 452

My ping is always stable around a 60-70 and I can't even count how many times a killer has gotten a hit because they're lagging. Hitboxes, in my opinion, have not changed at all since they implemented the server side validation all the way back in December. Do I have a wrong understanding of how it works? Is it supposed to favor killers? It feels awful to get from 5 meters away because of something that is out of your control.


  • imabotimabot Member Posts: 43

    If the killer has a lower ping than yours, they will always be prioritized.

  • NebulaNebula Member Posts: 452

    I’m under the same impression.

    I thought that hit validation would cease this problem but it’s just as bad if not worse than it’s been.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 4,044

    If people still VPN to the other side of the planet to get an advantage I'd say not.

  • IrisoraIrisora Member Posts: 1,165

    Hitbox are not only mess up when you are getting hit by the killer and they are lagging but also when you spin as survivor, its a very well know glitch that everyone exploit, and.. lets not even talk about grabs so.. a hitbox rework its definitely needed.

  • imabotimabot Member Posts: 43

    Technically, the hit validation is "supposed" to favor the player with the lower ping, if the killer has a higher ping, the hit shouldn't register if on your screen you're far enough, but hey this is DBD, the word "technically" doesn't always apply! xD

  • gendossgendoss Member Posts: 1,567

    The higher ping is almost always prioritized and that's just a fact, I believe there is enough proof to show it. However I don't think it has much to do with ping honestly, whenever I've had really bad latency issues where the killer hits through pallets and other crap like that mine and their ping has never been that bad, I think it's an issue with distance. If I'm playing with someone thousands of miles away it will always favor the killer.

  • bibibib8bibibib8 Member Posts: 844

    I think dbd server a [BAD WORD] so we have trash hit for both side. The dev need to upgrade their server but they are to busy creating new bug over good server

  • WiiFitTrainerWiiFitTrainer Member Posts: 788

    It's probably a combination of ping, janky hitboxes, and killer action priority from when the game was p2p.

    I'm in a similar situation where I'm between 50 and 70 ping nearly all the time yet I'm constantly getting hit after touching the ground for pallets and window vaults, sometimes even taking a step or two away.

    Servers was supposed to address nearly all of these issues, but here we are years later and people are still having these problems.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,818

    60-70 ping is more than enough to make hits look janky. If your opponent has the same, it's going to look like they miss you by a large amount. If they have a much lower ping, it won't change much. That's just basic latency.

    People's expectations are way too high. Melee attacks in multiplayer games are always jank as [BAD WORD].

  • BwstedBwsted Member Posts: 2,018

    This was about a week ago. One of these players had 31 ping in game (not just in the lobby). The other one had a better gaming chair.

    According to the devs it just checks if the hit was unfair because there was too much discrepancy between players' positions on the respective screens. But the survivors specifically don't get favored just because they have better ping. It just seems to check if the hit was 'unfair' because the killer's ping is too high and the survivors' much lower. But if they're both high, that gets validated no problem.

    Two observations:

    • much of the system is based on how permissive the parameter is for the killer's latency. And we weren't told what that is set at. Consider that when explaining bad hits, a dev during an official stream said 150 is "pretty good ping". Which is nuts by any stretch of the imagination. If vpn'd directly to a server across the globe, you'd get about 300 ping. Which'd be considered mediocre, judging by the devs' metrics. Just by that we can infer that even if the system is in place, it's just incredibly lax and it maybe blocks actual lagswitchers with 500+ ping. But simple vpn'ing remains unaffacted, unless you connect from the moon.
    • There's a bug where sometimes players from a region are getting lobbied up on a wrong servers. A couple of months ago I was playing killer and the whole lobby was EU, but we all had 250+ pings and all fairly similar. None of my hits were rejected. Survivors post game accused me of vpn'ing, but then I just told them to check their pings. That's to reinforce what I said earlier.
  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 3,375

    60-70 ping is awful.

  • nursewannabenursewannabe Member Posts: 1,075

    From personal experience, I'd say that hit validation is so terribly coded, if it even is a thing, that it actually favors the player with worse ping.

    My ping is always 30-45. When I play killer, survivors with 80+ ping seem to always be favored when I get "autoaimed" towards objects.

    Same as survivor, unless the killer has good ping too, i get hit by the most ridiculous stuff ever. I've got a clip i can show you later too, just need to edit the names out.

    All in all, hit validation is complete utter garbage.

  • NebulaNebula Member Posts: 452

    I get around 20-30 ping in almost every other game but due to server location I always sit around 60-70.

    And I wouldn’t say that that is awful either, it’s not great at all but definitely not bad enough to be causing the hits it does.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 10,374

    The thing is, Hit Validation has to be generous. Not every country has access to Dedicated Servers. Like, I play on EU Servers, living in Germany, closest Server is Frankfurt. I have pretty good Ping.

    But I also play against a lot of Russians, because BHVR uses Amazon Game Servers, which are not supported in Russia. So the Russians connect to Frankfurt as well (and to other Regions, as far as I know), so they have high Ping. And cannot do anything about it.

    And this is the reason why it has to be generous - you cannot simply say that those never get Hits in, just because they are unfortunate to live in a country without a Dedicated Server nearby. Otherwise Russian players (and others, there are more regions without Dedicated Servers, but I just use Russia as an example) would not get hits, despite the Survivor being right in front of them on their end.

    I believe it filters out the worst VPNers, so it should not be possible that some guy from China connects to the UK with 400 Ping and Survivors get hit from meters away. But thats about it.

    IMO BHVR needs to show the Killers Ping in the Lobby. The own Ping of the Survivor is not really important, because it does not matter if I have 30 Ping to the Server if the Killer has 200 Ping. So they should give this information, because it has become pretty important since Dedicated Servers went live.

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 527

    To be fair I do not just see this issue with hitboxes.

    I main Ghostface and his reveal as well as his lean-mechanics are based on the dedicated server. This leads to me getting revealed by a guy behind a brickwall who looked at my position about a year ago. This is something I am used to.

    However I recently played more and startet to lean a lot more. And when I say a lot I mean it. Most times I crouche and then want to lean off an object however the option to lean just does not appear. You must wait about what feels like 1-2 seconds before I can lean and this is pretty bad. I usually have a ping of 30-40 on rare occasions I go up to 50. But this issue is always there.

    Now imagin I play around an unsafe pallet with a wall blocking the line of sight. Normaly I would be able to lean off the wall, see the survivor slide and get stalk progress when the survivor slides back. The goal is to do this until I get the survivor exposed. As Ghostface stalkes twice as fast while leaning this cuts the time this game takes in half. Not only do I loose precious time here, I also risc getting revealed because the way the game detects the line of sight the survivor has with latency.

    Normaly you are able to get a survivor exposed quiet good by this methode. I tried it with a friend to compare if it is not because I am a miserable player who does it too slow. Most of the time however the "lean" option does not appear quick enough and I must play this suboptimal.

    Now do not get me wrong. I understand that there are bound to be some imperfections in this game as the connection matters. But if the connection to the servers screws me when I interact with an object, then I feel like something should get optimized. I see wanky hits I get them as a survivor and I get them as a Killer. They are not fine but I can live with it...however when it screws my killers mechanics then I get a bit mad.

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