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Remove the "UGHHH" sound when a survivor slow vaults a window/pallet (and locker?)?

I actually do not recall when survivors started making the strange "UGHHH" sounds whenever they slow vault a pallet/window (... and slowly get in a locker?) or if it has always been in the game. But I feel like it was added at some point and I never really noticed it.

Normally it doesn't impact gameplay since killers can't really hear it over the chase music. But it can be annoying when you are trying to not be seen or heard by a killer and the survivor goes "UGHHHH" for no reason.

It just ruins stealth plays and unsure why it's necessary to make that strange noise.


  • BwstedBwsted Member Posts: 2,011

    Survivors have been making a little grunt on slow vaults ever since I can remember. It's just that since the last chapter or around that time they made that sound much louder. Chalk it up to the usual changes nobody ever asked for but they pushed on us anyway.

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