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NEMESIS FEEDBACK: why it feels good to play vs Nemesis

_VTK__VTK_ Member Posts: 227
edited June 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

This is from a (solo) survivor perspective.

Finally we get a killer that feels like a monster. Playing vs Legion feels like playing vs an annoying high school kid, who is stronger than 4 survivors combined, it's also more annoying to lose to him. It's similar with Trickster. Please, no more human killers, DEVs. It's similar with small killers, like Hag, they don't feel right. When you lose to a big monster, you get a feeling like "ok, he's a monster", chases are more exciting, the atmosphere of the game is better.

Also, what was done right about Nemesis powers:

  • He doesn't teleport
  • He has no ultra-high mobility
  • No instadowns
  • He doesn't break stealth for survivors
  • He has no RNG involved for survivors, it's skill vs skill
  • He is not yet another stealth killer, we have enough of them already
  • He is just NOT ANNOYING

Minor things that I liked about Nemesis:

  • Chase music - it's tense and melodic
  • His loud steps, it adds more atmosphere, he feels like a real unstoppable monster
  • His size
  • Zombies - great idea, they created many interesting moments in my games already

For the first time during the last 2-3 years I actually played about 10 games in a row without burning out because I wasn't facing too many annoying killers.


  • Mossi4kHoursMossi4kHours Member Posts: 5

    What's fun about vs'ing another killer with a 50/50 mechanic at every pallet, and has a total RNG factor with zombies where they legit spawn close to you. all the killers feel the same to a certain extent where the last few killers Get carried by there m2 and make everything a "guessing game" at loops. it doesn't feel skillful and just feels like another boring killer to play against In my opinion.

  • drwho2007drwho2007 Member Posts: 3

    Nemesis to be faster it's a joke to play at the moment the survivors just do circles around him

  • Hex_IgnoredHex_Ignored Member Posts: 816

    Even more negatives: his tentacle hitbox is so small, deathslinger and trickster have huge hitboxes in comparison. A complete lack of... well anything a killer should have. As OP has correctly assessed Nemesis has 0 map mobility, his chase power is laughable as he actually has to hit survivors three times to down them when using his power and the reach is so short which might be okay for tier 1 and 2 but tier 3 should have a massive increase in length which leads to the next problem, tier 3 does absolutely nothing (no 1 meter extra range doesn't count) for the amount of effort you have to put into getting it. Overall much like the rest of the chapter he looks cool but is absolutely underwhelming when it comes to gameplay. The ONLY thing he has over pyramid head are the zombies, but trading cages for zombies is not worth it imo.

    TLDR: just play pyramid head

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