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Does Wraith's add-on's need a nerf?

KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 230
edited June 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

I see an average amount of Wraith's in the Red Ranks and they tend to use similar add-ons.

I'm of course talking about the add-ons that reduce his re-appearance time. It's either two of the same that do that or with cloak movement speed. The problem I'm seeing here is his speed boost as soon as he re-appears. They tend to get right up in a Survivor's face, rapidly decloak then land a hit very often because of the speed boost. Feel like a valid nerf to that would be to take away his speed boost.

I think Shadow Dance was another broken add-on and is it just me or...don't a lot of Killer add-ons typically have a downside to their usage? Why doesn't Wraith's?


  • FeminineSlimeFeminineSlime Member Posts: 84

    I am not sure what to do with Wraith's addons that would still make them useful without being just annoying. The main trouble with Wraith is, as you say, his speed boost after coming out of stealth. It is similar to the spirit in that you can never quite judge how far/fast he will go until he has already gone. Unlike Spirit you can eventually judge as the game goes on, at least. The true issue, I think, is how impossible it can be to get away from. I've done tests with friends and if a Wraith uses his speed to get right on top of you and then uncloaks with the right addons there is literally nothing you can do to stop him unless you are already on a window. Even if you run directly away in a straight line to gain the most possible distance, he'll hit you. So you have, what? A second or two to bust ass to a window?

    I think the main change to Wraith I would have is making his speed out of uncloak uniform no matter what. As it stands right now, that is where the "free hit" comes from because, like Legion for example, you just cannot avoid it in most situations. And the advice to simply never be out of position or always be by a strong longwall window is just... not really realistic in most games. There are only so many of those on a map. If the uncloak lunge was uniform in speed (or only impacted by speed perks such as play with your food, etc.) then playing against the wraith would be less of an exercise in frustration, I think. So the addons need not so much a nerf but just a change to something else, leaving the uncloak interaction alone so it can be reliably learned.

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