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Rework Rite of The Nemesis Daily Ritual

As some of you might already have come to know, the Nemesis daily ritual is just beyond stupid:

You have to reach max mutations rate four times.

Why is that bad? Bc. you can only reach that once a game, with no way to change it! So you literally have to play four games just to finish this daily! There's not a single other killer power daily that forces you to play multiple games like that. Sure, some are more difficult than others, so you might need more than one game to finish it (e.g. downed marked ppl with Ghostface). But you always have tha chance to get the daily done in one game. Not with this one, it's always (at least) four, no shortcuts possible.

Please rework that, devs, it's so completely over-the-top. Why did you not choose his secondary power (tentacle strike) for the daily, as you did with nearly every other killer. Myers is somewhat similar, but he can tier up multiple times as long as he does not play a mirror or infinite T3.


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