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Pallet system still not fixed?

I thought the amount of pallets in each trial was reduced quite some time ago? I don't play Killer as much as I would like or used to but here I am trying to play it a bit more but I sometimes have these trials where the system decides to spawn a pallet at every.single.spot it possibly can. I wasted so much time chasing a Feng who just went from pallet to pallet to pallet to pallet all within five meters of each other on Lery's as a low level Oni. It was not fun, got so sick of it I just activated Blood Fury and blew through another three more pallets before I finally caught them.

Then guess what, that was only on one side of the map, there was still a ton more pallets on the other side which other Survivors used. Incredibly frustrating and unfortunately, said Feng got away in the end. They were also toxically clicking a flashlight and teabagging so you know I wanted them most of all. Unfortunate.

BHVR please fix..

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