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DbD Hacker gets put in his place in less than three minutes

KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 230

When the trial started, I noticed his abnormally long name and immediately figured it was a hacker then the game froze so I knew it was. I immediately started screwing around with my screen settings and launched my recorder.

This was at the start of the trial (5 gens), I got back in the game, saw them run in front of me so I slashed them then started recording and chasing.

Their name was (censored as per forum rules, the [name] bit being a censor):

"[Name] Anti LGBT Okay little fa***ts listen up. I am going to 1v1 killer, he meets me on shack and survivors will do gens totems etc. If killer chases anyone else than me, or if survivors stop doing gens, you all little fa***t as**s will get dc penalty by meni**ani**ani**ani**ani**ani**ani**a"

Though, I didn't read it until I hooked them because of course I was going to go after the cheating scumbag.

He used Dead Hard twice, DS despite the fact that he hasn't been hooked, had rapid vaulting and fast crawling speed. After I hooked him then face camped he rage quit and froze the game. Eventually when I got to the after-match screen I tried reporting him but it was just a window full of the n-word.

Also, I don't know if he thinks he's clever or something because he keeps changing his steam profile url but as shown in the video I did grab his steam profile url before all that then put it in an engine and got his Steam32 ID and Steam64 ID which are permanently linked to his steam account. He has been reported and as per the forum rules, I censored all the names. He's the Jill at the bottom.

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