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The basics of a 'Good' Killer

YoonzYoonz Member Posts: 36

The Basics Of A 'Good' Killer


my name is Yoonz and I have been playing DBD ever since its release. I am mostly known for my Hillbilly though I do play every Killer available in the game.



As a Killer, you are in charge of the Game's pace. Though do not mistake Survivors for being at your mercy. They very, very much so are not. Using a setup of Commodious toolbox plus addons can completely ruin the experience of every player included in the match and there isn't much you can do about it unfortunately. Then there are the maps. Map knowledge is mandatory. My rule is to try and stay as far away from any buildings in Dead by Daylight because you are not going to have a good time there.

Pallets and you.

Never ever do think of pallets as something bad in the game. Pallets stop you momentarily but with the right perks and aggressive enough behaviour they will usually not be too much of a big deal unless you are on Badham Preschool or Blood Lodge for example. Something we see regularly in Dead by Daylight at the moment is Killers 'respecting' pallets. Now, respecting a pallet is fine if you know if its a safe pallet or not safe. Respecting safe pallets is a no-go. Its better to take the chance for a free hit through them while reducing the stun with Enduring. Same does not count for Huntress or Hag.

Killer Tier List

  1. The Nurse
  2. The Hillbilly
  3. The Huntress
  4. The Cannibal
  5. The Shape (MIchael Myers)
  6. The Trapper
  7. The Doctor
  8. The Hag
  9. The Pig
  10. The Clown
  11. The Wraith
  12. The Nightmare

The Killer Tier List in this guide is my personal opinion on the Killers and how effective they can be. The Trapper for example is higher tiered in this list because he can be completely ridiculed by Sabotage/SWF and is the most outdated Killer while the Shape has a reliable power he can use on demand. And the only reason Hillbilly is higher tiered than Huntress is because he can get around the map quicker.

Perks you should have no matter the Killer

  1. Enduring (Hillbilly teachable)
  2. BBQ&Chili (Leatherface teachable)
  3. Brutal Strength (Trapper teachable)
  4. A Nurse's Calling (Nurse teachable)
  5. Whispers
  6. Deerstalker
  7. Hex: Ruin (Hag teachable)

Once you have those perks, you can play very aggressively and you can effectively rack up bloodpoints using BBQ&Chili. Most Killers use a mix of these perks in their builds. Hex: Ruin is something very commonly used to try and stall the game. I do not personally like it, but its not wrong to have it in your build.

SWF and how to deal with it.

Survive With Friend usually use communications(Discord) to make sure they have knowledge of where the Killer is, what generator they are working on and so forth. There are some telltale signs for SWF. Its usually known as stupidly reckless altruism. If you are constantly followed by a Survivor with a flashlight hoping to score a save, thats another sign. Always try and face walls, if you cannot, try and find the survivor. If you are being gen rushed, your best bet is to secure a 3 generator strategy and punish survivors for saving each other. More on that later.

How to know if a pallet is safe or unsafe.

An unsafe pallet has the characteristic of having very little obstacles for the Killer around it. You respect these pallets to try and pin the survivor to it so they cannot move to a safer area.

A safe pallet is the exact opposite. There is a huge amount of obstacle for you. Disrespect those and try to swing through it at an opportune moment. Eat the stun and break it as soon as possible.

As a huntress, you should try and time the survivor being within the pallet drop zone in such a way that your wind up is just right to hit them during the animation. They can not ever be done with the animation before your wind up is ready to release.

Playing Hag, you can place your traps inside of the safe pallet loop (not inside the Pallet stun zone) to make the Survivor trigger a your trap while they are dropping it. Here is where it gets complicated. One of two things will happen. The survivor sees the trap trigger and keeps running to try and be outside of your lunge range or they will panic and vault the pallet. Go with your gut feeling here, there is no real tell unless they are injured. If they are injured they will usually try to vault the pallet because they don't want to go down.

The name of the game is Killer vs Map, not Killer vs Survivor

Most buildings in this game have very long loops connected to extremely safe window vaults its very safe to assume that Survivors will repeatedly go to these to try and stretch out chases immensely or even bring them to a screeching halt. Your best way to deal with them is to avoid them and try to repeatedly hook survivors in an area that you have cleared of pallets. By using such a strategy you can usually stress Survivors because a large area devoid of pallets is not even secure with Sprint Burst.

Some Fun builds for you to try:

Hillbilly: Doom Engravings, Death Engravings, BBQ&Chili, Enduring, Brutal Strength, Monitor & Abuse, Coldwind Farm offering.
Hillbilly: Thompson Moonshine, Carburetur Tuning Guide, Whispers, Hex: Ruin, A Nurse's Calling, Deerstalker.
Hillbilly: Thompson's Mix, Begrimed Chains, Deerstalker, A Nurse's Calling, Brutal Strength, Enduring.
Huntress: Oak Haft, Bandaged Haft, A Nurse's Calling, BBQ&Chili, Deerstalker, Hex: Ruin
Huntress: Flower Babushka, Manna Grass Braid, A Nurse's Calling, Whispers, Shadowborne, Hex: Ruin
Huntress: Begrimed Head, Infantry Belt, Deerstalker, Nurse's Calling, BBQ&Chili, Enduring
Michael Myers: Fragrant Tuft of Hair, J. Myers Memorial, Fire up, Enduring, BBQ & Chili, Whispers.
Michael Myers: Scratched Mirror, Boyfriend's Memo, Whispers, Play with your Food, Enduring, Agitation, Lery's offering

All Perks

Last Words

Remember to have fun with the game, remember that you cannot win every match. If survivors want to win incredibly badly, they'll bring items to make them win and there is not that much you can do about it apart from hoping that they slip up horribly.

If you would like to take a peek at some Killer gameplay, feel free to visit me on Twitch.


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