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This is pathetic

catbeanscatbeans Member Posts: 316
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This game has a pattern of breaking after every update, but for some reason I let the RE chapter get me hyped. It's a series I loved since I was a kid and now it's joining DBD.

"It's been a whole year since we got a new map, certainly that much time plus a 2 week PTB things will be smooth" I thought to myself. "The game is not running well but with this big of a chapter they will surely fix things" I tired to convince myself.

I get home from work, purchase the DLC and start playing only to realize performance had gotten worse, I then began to realize that the new map was nowhere to be seen and had been disabled. One week goes by and still I tell myself " After a whole week they certainly have this worked out, finally the RPD map and a playable game". Nope, instead we get a "fix" for legendary cosmetics mixing.

Are you ######### kidding me...

I'm beyond words with this game right now, I don't don't know if I want to keep playing it, not that I could if I wanted to because it's ######### broken. But I'm sad to say that I don't really know if I'll be coming back even if hell freezes over and things improve.

If the devs don't want to put time and money Into this game why the hell should I?

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  • kurgan8282kurgan8282 Member Posts: 263

    the thing that is more annoying is that they were actually doing great lately, the messed up all the good that has been done in the last month.

    First new map in 1 year disabled after few hours cos it is clearly too much to handle, a tremendous frame rate drop which only got worse after one week and a non-existent patch.

    I mean...really? I do understand the difficulties they might have, but keeping the game in this state for such a long time means not putting enough effort nor respect for costumers.

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