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Unlink the sets, its a good business decision. Plus, Lack of fun lately

Sup3rCatTreeSup3rCatTree Member Posts: 588
edited July 2021 in General Discussions

They should unlink the ORIGINAL character sets, it gives more customization options and will honestly give more money to BHVR.

I miss having my glitched Elodie set and now I barely play the game anymore because that was basically the only reason why I liked playing the game. Now I have little reasons to play, some of my close friends have uninstalled because of the lack of fun they have been having. Not just because of the sets.

I have been having terrible games, I just get tunneled at 5 gens and I just get the most annoying killers. I haven't been enjoying this game as much as I used to. So I switched to playing a different game until the sweat calms down and BHVR gets their stuff together.

Post coming soon on problems with the game


  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,965

    Some of them, like the reindeer Elodie, should stay 3 part links imo but others, like Katie's Oktoberfest outfit, Jane's Goddess Muse outfit, and maybe even Nea's Graft Crafter outfit should just be linked clothing and the head can be used on anything (though using the linked clothing does link in the head, so you have to use the set head if you use the other bits of the set, but can detach the head if you don't use either of the other two bits). Same with weapons.

    They did say sets were 2 or more, after all.

  • Sup3rCatTreeSup3rCatTree Member Posts: 588

    I glitched the reindeer Elodie one and that was my go-to outfit. RIP

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