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Game connecting to wrong server region

InsaneCoasterInsaneCoaster Member Posts: 300

Platform: Windows 10 (Steam)

Occurs: In around 60-70% of lobbies I join (on and off)

Since: A few days ago from writing this post (patch 5.0.2)

I'm from the UK, so I would normally get connected to EU West servers with around 30ms ping. For some reason though, I'm frequently getting connected to NA East servers with around 100ms ping. This has also been happening to my friend who is from the same region as me. I can confirm it's NA East servers, because whenever I get one of these lobbies, the profiles of my teammates and the killer I'm versing shows them to be usually from the US or Canada.

I'm certain it's nothing to do with my internet connection, because my internet ping when doing speed tests remains at around 6-8ms regardless of what my in-game ping displays and I never have any VPN active while playing DBD.

As I said above, it occurs pretty frequently. I usually just have to re-queue and the next lobby I find will generally be in the correct location.

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  • ErasoxErasox Member Posts: 176

    Because there is no regio lock you will connect to other Server Region. Maybe the game cant find a game in your region. So far i know the Game will search games in your region and when cant find it will search in other regions. Or the pulled down the servers for some reason. Then will you get always the next best Server.

    I have the same issue but ultra rare.

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