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Downed instantly after self-unhooking

RaffaellRaffaell Member Posts: 98
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I don't have any footage or images, but I will try describing as well as I can.

The issue is as follows: I was attempting a self unhook action. At the second try it actually worked. The killer, which was The Hag, was hitting me this whole time on the hook. There was a perfectly, indeed PERFECT timing between the hit registration and the unhook action that it didn't even make the unhook animation, I had been downed in that perfect timing, precisely after my action bar was full. I was playing on Hawkings map as Feng min, running Dead hard, Resilience, Borrowed time and Iron will. There were 2 survivors left alive, 5 gens were done, one gate was at 99%, so it was closed, and the other survivor was on the hook too, I was hooked afterwards. Now that I think about it, if there are all alive survivors on hooks, don't they die all at the same time? I could attempt unhooking myself while the other survivor was in the 2nd stage, I believe. There were other two premade survivors cross-platform, but as I said, they were dead, sacrificed. I am sending the logs, I hope this issue can be found.


  • Platform: PC
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