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"By your basic attacks"

SnowbawlzzzSnowbawlzzz Member Posts: 1,121

Why does knockout, a perk given to a chainsaw killer, require him to use basic attacks to gain benefit? Would he really be that OP if it worked on any knockdowns? It's not that good of a perk to begin with because it's countered by having a microphone.


  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278

    Think of it this way. There are situations where using your chainsaw is a bad idea. Knockout tied to your basic attack means you at least get a little something extra using your mallet.

  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572
    edited July 2021

    Except you don't, because SWF & microphones.

    Even people who 'are only joking around' and 'never tryhard' will tell their buds where they are knocked down.

    It's yet more glaring proof the devs never meant for Survivors to have mics.

  • GrimoireWeissGrimoireWeiss Member Posts: 1,142

    The worst thing is that it wasn't like that before. It used to work with any kind of down and even then it was barely used. It was supposedly "buffed" but in fact got changed into a level where only Nurse, Spirit and Hag can use it effectively, as if these killers need help.

  • GreyBigfootGreyBigfoot Member Posts: 596

    It actually used to be any type of down to trigger knockout. Then it got nerfed to only activate on basic attacks. What we got in return was the survivor being deafened and crawling slower for some seconds. Not worth it at all.

    I'm lowkey glad it never gets used, because it's super unfun to get 4-survivor slugged at 5 gens by a spirit/nurse/wraith/hag with knockout or the Third Seal.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Here's a better idea: completely rework Knockout and Third Seal so they don't exist purely to mass slug solo's, then remove it's basic attack requirement.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Except it's insanely easy to beat solo teams due to a glaring lack of co-ordination, with Knockout being the perfect exemplar of why SWF is very much necessary.

  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

    Really? You're actually saying SWF shutting down whole perks because of microphones is a counter? Like, a needed counter?

    It's BS, that using discord can shut down stealth Killers and certain perks. But we can't remove SWF, so BHVR needs to balance around cheat with friends.

    But for that to happen, they would first have to admit that SWFs with microphones are unbalanced. And they won't, so...🤷

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815
    edited July 2021

    Do you have any idea just how easy it is to beat a team of solo's? Even the best? Co-ordination is as important for survivors as slowing the game down is for killers. I actually spent months dodging solo teams because of how ######### boring and easy they always are even without solo-predation. Full sweaty parties may be an issue, but solo teams are far more common and have far lower escape rates than killers have kills Vs sweat squads.

    And yes, I think it's a good thing that killers can't mass slug people and leave them to bleed out with a 100% success rate.

  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

    I'm saying SWFs are the reason Knockout sucks. Why do you keep thinking I'm talking about solos?

    This game was created with the idea that Survivors would have an information blackout and be unable to communicate.

    Do you know why Survivors have 2 emotes and 0 voice lines like 'Come here' or 'Help me'? Because they were supposed to be scared of making noise & drawing the Killer's attention.

    Now, with SWF, we have voice comms completely ruining the information blackout. But BHVR refuses to admit this, claims SWFs aren't a problem, and pretends the first half of the game was not designed around the old lack of information a Survivor would have.

    And they keep pretending this, and balancing as if SWF does not exist, and wonder why Killers are unhappy. It's because the game works on the premise that Survivors can't communicate (hence why Solos have more trouble than SWFs), and then they do communicate.

    Imagine what the game would be like without SWF; Survivors having to guess where the Killer is and what they are doing. Wondering if it's safe to do a gen or save a hooked person. Wondering if that hooked person will save them in turn.

    Or...SWF up, tell your friends where you are & what you are doing at all time. Tell them what the Killer is doing, who they are, if they placed traps, if they are hiding near the hook. Oh yeah, and if they're at your gate, so your friend can open the far gate.

    You know; info they were literally never meant to have.

    That is why the game is struggling with its identity; because it's balanced as if SWF does not exist, and Knockout is a perk that so accurately shows proof of that.

  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278
  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278

    No thank you.

    If I see a squad running a map and a key, I want to use my Third Seal thanks.

  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

    I assume every lobby is SWF and play accordingly.

    Because when I don't; I get steamrolled, and then disrespected in endgame chat by a group that thought it took skill to use OP With Friends.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    That's fine. So long as Blindness doesn't effect the aura from slugged survivors.

  • WishIcouldmainWishIcouldmain Member Posts: 3,867
    edited July 2021

    The majority of this game is Solo Q not every game is depip SWF squad. And the majority of the few SWFs aren't depip squads, where all the S tier, A tier, and majority of B tier killers can handle.

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