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Dead hard is the literal definition of a Crutch Perk



  • ilovedbd123ilovedbd123 Member Posts: 1,946

    It's not that "LT walls is my problem", it's that the survivors have extended the chase possibly another 30s because they had a perk that couldn't be countered.

    Nice bad faith acting there bud, bringing up a ridiculous example as if it's anything compared to DH. If it is,riddle me this batman, why don't we see many hope users 4head. It's because they are nothing alike.

    Lithe isn't that stupid, the I frames is what makes dead hard stupid. A dash to safety and I frames means there's no punishment for using it to early in a chase.

    Maybe, if you actually looked at my points and answered the ######### scenario I originally gave (since you gave no response, I'm guessing you agree there's no counterplay to the perk in this common scenario. And it therefore ensures an extended chase) you wouldn't be sat there looking like the moronic depiction of what most would call a survivor main. However, I just think your heavily misguided.

  • Torsti56Torsti56 Member Posts: 259

    There is only 3 scenarios, well maybe 2 scenarios if we count just pallet and window generally. Let's say that there is LT wall and behind that (20 meters) is jungle gym and survivor is repairing gen close to LT wall.

    A. Uses Dead hard to reach window and you pressure that survivor away from jungle gym. No Dead Hard left to use and probably gets downed soon.

    B. Uses Sprint Burst to reach jungle gym, good survivors make you waste time there and then he have chance to reach that LT wall too.

    "There is no real counterplay" is wrong because bating Dead Hard in right places is counterplay. Surely there is situations where survivor gets to use Dead Hard at the right place but saying that there is no real counterplay is just stupid. There is even two perks to add exhaustion but one survivor perk to counter Lethal Pursuer. Im not saying that Lethal Pursuer is OP or anything but Dead Hard to me is third best exhaustion perk. First is Adrenaline and then Sprint Burst.

    I just yesterday had game as Pig where was Adam with Dead Hard. Do you know how many times he got to use dead hard the way it helped him? once, and only reason was because I tried to use my dash attack to not use STBFL stacks, all remaining situations I pressured him away from good places to use it.

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 1,911

    In its current state its covering way too much distance. But looking at the ptb changes it seems to be going to a healthy spot. Even then I think dead hard is important to have as a survivor. I actually find the survivor role lacks nuance and is in desperate need of more perks like dead hard and deception. Something that rewards good timing and excellent positioning or manipulates information in a meaningful way. Yes your myer's and trapper will have an even harder time but the quality of current killer kits should not be balanced by terrible map design survivor should have more nuances and tricks.

  • ilovedbd123ilovedbd123 Member Posts: 1,946

    That's because he allowed you to pressure them off good tiles.

    Good survivors wont allow that (when I play survivor for example, I'll hit that tile and stick to my guns until it's disadvantageous to do so. Then I'll link to another tile. Sure you can make me use that tile less, but not force me into a deadzone. I've played against enough killers to learn when they try to do that how to counter it).

    And that Adam probably wasn't a great survivor if he only got one good use of DH and that's because you were holding back. Or your just way better than him.

    It has no counterplay when used correctly, and a lot of survivors who are good will only use it correctly, maybe messing up once with it. Sorry if this is a revelation to you.

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