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We're currently investigating issues with frame rate on PS4 after the most recent update. Thank you to everyone for bringing this to our attention, and for your patience while we look into this

Error 8014 prevents me from entering the game

Ever since the event went live i get error 8014 whenever i try to access the game


  • GrimbergothGrimbergoth Member Posts: 293
    edited October 2018

    i get it after every patch for a couple months now . Uninstall , restart the comp , reinstall , and then verify , that is what has been fixing it for me .

    Its sad they cannot get their crap together so people don't have to do this . and its funny I have 20 games that most of are updating regularly and none of them have this issue , only DBD . But they want to act like its a prob on our end ...

  • GrannyonAcidGrannyonAcid Member Posts: 476

    Well that might be a good thing. Apparently 8014 was a thing happening before as well to certain players. I was online last night playing. Then just tried to log on and I'm getting the same thing. So hopefully this is a simple fix. It seemed complicated in the other thread. Maybe it'll work itself out.

  • TheRealHansGruberTheRealHansGruber Member Posts: 204
    Im going to see if it works on one of my other pc's, im just dying to play the event. Thanks for the solution thiugh, ill give it a try
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