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Help me choose new main survivor

ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 717

Hello there!

So, BHVR pretty much are going to destroy my current main's (Kate) face with the upcoming update. Sure, it says that given versions are subjects to change, but they rarely do changes when it goes live, so she'll most likely be destroyed forever after the midchapter's release. But enough of the rant! That's not the point.

Help me choose my new main out of these beautiful and handsome specimen:

Help me choose new main survivor 20 votes

Kill Valentine
AdelooTheRockstarKnightAwkward_Fiendxtr4meGuiltii 5 votes
Keryl Manson
Leonate K. Dennedy
WoodywoolSpookyPumpkinPiez[Deleted User] 3 votes
Willtherine "Bate" Overbeck
TapeKnotNinjaarman721CheeseAntonHigh5YourFace 4 votes
State Harringtson
musstang62anonymous31337ggezbabyFobboD4M4VR1CK 5 votes
Katsura Yui
HellraisingPredatorIcewhisperglitchboi 3 votes


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