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I've been running some meme builds

Just curious if something has changed or my game is broken. I am on PS4.

Ran infinite tier 3 Myers with an Ebony Mori. Was not able to mori survivors after two hooks. Are you no longer able to mori people if you have infinite tier 3?

Ran Yun Jin with Soul Guard and Tenacity. Killer had Ruin and I was never able to pick myself up. It kept telling me to find help when I was 99%

Did they change that too?


  • ZeusZeus Member Posts: 2,112

    You need to be cursed for soul guard to activate. Just because there is ruin doesn't mean you were cursed. You should be the last person to get off a gen and activate ruin to be cursed.

  • megaweeniemanmegaweenieman Member Posts: 323

    thanks! I guess i have to interact with a gen to be cursed? Any idea on the mori situation?

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