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Other obstacles

I would like to suggest the implementation of more different obstacles on the maps. Do not get me wrong I like pallets but I would love to see some more stuff to throw at a Killer when he is chasing you. Maybe something like this:

Oil Barrles - Stun on impact and leave behind a sticky trail that messes a bit with the Killers controls for X seconds after coming into contact with the location. Can also affect a suvivor that runs through this.

Shutable Doors - Fences like the one on Badham could have shutable doors. Those can be closed as well as opened by survivor slowly (no noise) or quickly (noise notification). The killer can kick them open rendering them unusable. They can not stun the killer.

Rubber Wheels - On Autoheaven the staples of wheels can be thrown down. They slow the Killer briefly but do not stun him.

Chemicals - On Hawkins and in barrels. Once you throw them down and hit the Killer they are stunnes for longer. However the trail remains on the ground and a survivor running through here will get injured without a speed boost.

Electric Wires - Once thrown down they stay active for a short time. They give you a speedboost howevery they can also blind you. Same goes for the Killer. Perfect timing will leave the Killer blinded and give both of you a speed boost.

I know those ideas are not perfect. They were just random thoughts I had. I just wished for some obstacles that are not pallets and that could help you as a survivor allowing for counterplay beyond the Pallet and kicking it. Non of these obstacles is "kickable". If you throw them down they are "out of the way" in a sense.


  • zarrzarr Member Posts: 431

    I would welcome the addition of more varied chase mechanics like these, but obviously only if they are balanced in a given map's "chase budget" with existing such mechanics (i. e. pallets and windows). Hell, there could even be some of them that provide killers with new basic chase actions, such as throwing wheels, barrels, chemicals or whatnot into a survivor's path, and other ways for both survivors and killers to change the layout of a tile through such means.

    That said, BHVR will never do this. It took them years and years to bring 1 new base mechanic - breakable walls - and that mechanic is basically "dropped pallets but survivors cannot interact with them". So yeah, leave your hopes in the basement chest.

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