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What happened to all the character skin update posts?

Pat00tSackPat00tSack Member Posts: 45

Am I missing something?

I've been trying to clear my notifs tab for so long cause having unread stuff bugs me, but when I go to click on any of the notifications regarding ptb feedback (regarding the character models) they don't seem to exist.


  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 9,639

    I think the PTB feedback section of the forums got deleted instead of moved to the archive…

    maybe they get added later on there if they didn’t get deleted completely…

  • TacitusKilgoreTacitusKilgore Member Posts: 1,381

    No clue? Maybe BHVR didn't like the amount of negative reception a lot of the reworks were getting and have pushed it back into development. I hope thats the case, i can't stand gorilla feng

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