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Plague Strategy & Builds

SnowbawlzzzSnowbawlzzz Member Posts: 1,121
edited July 2021 in General Discussions

Plague players, when you're walkin' around regurgitating on stuff, do you ever leave the crappy gens untouched to tempt survivors? I hardly ever play Plague; but when I do, I like to puke on the safe gens behind cover/pallets and leave the dead zone gen in the middle of the map untouched. Is this a good, subtle way to corral survivors or is it inconsequential?

Additionally, my general perk build is M&A, Trail of Torment, Dark Devotion & Pop to get one-shot surprise hits on sick survivors. Thoughts on this? Is it a good build or should I just stack slowdown perks like a meta chaser?


  • TacitusKilgoreTacitusKilgore Member Posts: 1,381

    I also don't play plague that much, but i rotate between the killers enough that i feel like i have a good census on some of her stronger builds. Injury related perks are exceptional on here. Thana, blood echo, forced penance, yadda yadda. A dash of injury related perks here and there can make here exceptionally opressive, and using these perks actually pressures survivors to cleanse MUCH more often to lighten the burden, meaning your power is more avaliable more frequently. Like you said though, she does work excellently with stealth perks too, since shes very quiet and can surprise infected survs for ez downs. On the subject of puking on things? Its pretty inconsequential, yeah. Its great in the early game, but late game when survivors aren't really cleansing as much puking on things is just a minor deterrent for the last one or two non infected survivors. However infecting objects can be a great tool for detection in a three gen and exit gate situation.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    I don't really infect anything except regressing gens. It's just not that useful. Personally I just rely on my ability to snowball a trial so hard the survivors are forced to cleanse in order to have the slightest chance, usually by getting territorial around a couple of well-placed fountains and gens. That way, when they inevitably mass-cleanse for the rest of the trial, I can keep at least one pool free so they don't reset unless I want them to.

    Personally, I like Ruin/Surge/IF on her, with the Insenced Ointment add-on. Lethal Pursuer seems like a good 4th perk. Most "injured" perks don't seem that useful except against mediocre opponents, especially since the true meta is to instantly cleanse, overwhelming her and resetting her fountains.

  • zarrzarr Member Posts: 431

    You really should not worry too much about infecting generators. You can do it at the start of the match while you're searching for survivors, or in a drive-by fashion whenever traversing the map and coming across a generator, but you will usually manage to infect most survivors anyway just by chasing them and should not go out of your way spending precious time infecting gens.

    Your build is pretty gimmicky. Trail of Torment announces itself with the aura, and any somewhat smart survivor will catch onto it at latest after the first time and be extra cautious due to it. Dark Devotion is just way too situational, both in its condition to trigger and then in the possibilities of making use of it if it does trigger. You really are much better off going with more slowdown perks, such as Ruin, Corrupt, Thanatophobia, with your Pop. That said, Tinkerer is cool on Plague as it can potentially give you quick downs. Ruin, Undying, Tinkerer is great. So try that, it combines slowdown with surprise one-shot hits.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,106

    Really depends on how meta you want to get. My comp build is Corrupt/Ruin/Pop/Thanat. For pubs it's Corrupt/Pop/BBQ/Bamboozle. Best add ons are apples, Severed Toe, or charge time/cooldown.

    Infect gens at the start of a match. Zero reason to commit to a chase early when you have a damage over time ability. You want more than one survivor sick before you commit to anything. The biggest mistake baby Plagues make is trying to green puke on a single survivor for 3 gens at the start of a match.

    Once multiple survivors are sick, you can pick up a red pool to get an easy down or commit to an M1 chase. Survivors will cleanse when they're all sick at 5 gens. Inexperienced Plagues complain about survivors not cleansing because they don't force survivors to work through sickness until there are 2-3 gens left.

  • lauraalauraa Member Posts: 2,308

    It's okay to drive-by gens, but I usually just like to go HAM as plague. I typically run perks such as Tinkerer, Surge, BBQ and Lethal Pursuer.

  • TatsuiChiyoTatsuiChiyo Member Posts: 449

    Puking on gens at the start of the game is good since you can use it either as an alarm or the discount Corrupt Intervention since some Survivors will wait out the puke. Aside from that, best to just use on Survivors.

    Also pay attention to how Survivors react to your puke. If they take it, keep throwing up on them and get that power value. If they try and bob and weave it, they tend to just give the distance for a free smack. As for red vomit, don't view it as a "power" as ultimately it's not in your hands more often than not that you get it.

    As for builds, that's up to preference. My personal build is Devour Hope because I love that perk and I'm never taking it off any Killer fight me, Undying because I love my DH and want it to stay, and than I bounce around different perks (Oppression & Thanatophobia are my current other two)

    Sincerely, number three of the seven Plague mains

  • GrimoireWeissGrimoireWeiss Member Posts: 1,142

    I personally don't like infecting generators at the start of the match as it forces survivors to go immersive. I use Discordance on her and start hyper agressive, trying to get at least 3 survivors infected before comitting to a chase. If survivors don't cleanse I'll punish them by being super territorial and defending close hooks and gens.

    I'd drop M&A on your build. You already have 2 Undetectable perks, no reason to put another on that makes you a bit more stealthy.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 3,273

    I like to run Corrupt at the start and puke on the first four gens. Can typically keep 3-4 infected at a time - and you want to lure survivors near or onto one of them after you've wasted their time running around looking for a safe gen to touch. As has been said above, it's an excellent alarm system, especially when you find two survivors at the same gen, you vom on it (in the same string that you use to hit the survivors - always hit multiple things you were going to vomit on with one charge to save time) and start chasing one, and the other one turns yellow. Always a sign to double back and hit them too.

    But after the start of the game, using the puke as a corral system has mixed effectiveness; some teams are still going to be scared of it and it's a great regression protector, and some will just take the sickness, whereupon Vile Purge becomes useless. Playing Plague requires more flexibility than most killers; you have to know how to handle several different situations. If they're not cleansing and not giving you fountains, you need to keep the pressure up in chases and find time to clean out pallets; if they are cleansing, you need to find an opportunity to nail several of them at once, try to get them to cleanse in good locations for you, and make sure that they don't wipe your fountains. Discordance is great on her because it points you to your targets, but unhooks are also good spots to menace with Corrupt Purge because it can't be bodyblocked.

    Doesn't really need to be said, but don't (green) puke on a survivor if they're already injured unless your aim is to tempt them into using fountains. Puking on an uninfected hooked survivor is good if you need fountains; otherwise you're giving them a free instaheal and freeing up someone else's time. But on the flip side, go out of your way to puke on a survivor if they have Iron Will or it's a corn map. The sound tracking is invaluable.

    If a survivor runs in straight, predictable lines, puke on them and then go right into the M1 (they don't get a speed boost if you injure them via the green puke.) If the survivor spins and janks, they're giving you free distance, so just M1 the first hit and get ready to have a normal M1 chase. Also keep loosely in mind how long the survivor has been running from you and how solid of a hit you landed on them with puke - sometimes it pays to wait out the hit when you think a healthy survivor might have an almost full infection meter. If a survivor suddenly stops running in chase and begins walking, that is a sure sign that they are 99ed and you should M2; M1ing gives them a free sprint burst. Trapping a survivor in a corner is a free down with Plague if it ever happens; Vile Purge them fully and then M1.

    Only puke on vaults/pallets if the survivor is uninfected and you want to drive them away from the loop because it's too high-walled or rounded to hit them easily. Typically it's not worth it and smart survivors will just take the infection anyway and continue using the effective loop.

    If you want a sneaky Plague build, I'd personally ditch ToT and Dark Devotion and try Hysteria. She's one of the killers that can keep players injured easily and you'll get a lot of Obliviouses on her. Tinkerer's alright, but she's not fast enough to protect gens, only to get easy downs from the sick survivors working on them once they pop.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,586

    People dont really leave a gen to wander around the map hoping for an uninfected gen. They're likely to just wait afew seconds for the gen to return to normal, or just suck it up and get infected.

    As far as perks go...

    infectious fright, nemesis, PWYF and BBQ.

    nemesis+PWYF will make you REALLY dangerous if they wanna stay infected, since you'll be running around 1 shotting ppl with the increased speed with snowball potential with infectious fright. If they decide to cleanse instead...then you can snowball using red puke and infectious fright. This combo also tends to result in clearing out pallets SUPER quickly, resulting in deadzones. Just try to avoid getting tunnelvision on one person and infect as many as ya can.

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