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Decisive Nerf, but no penalty or counter play for killers face camping/tunneling. Free Griefing.

Just as the title says. What is this game design? Killers can completely, freely grief survivors, and still do well.

Decisive is the only perk that specifically counters tunneling, and its nerfed so hard is basically useless. There is no perk to countering a killer face camping.

Now I get to sit in red ranks, get face camped and tunneled, with literally no counter play. Then see the killer still get 20k plus blood points from the game. Two games in a row, I get first hooked, and 1st killer literally face camped me, while he had NOED and Undying. 2nd game, killer proxy camped me, and then tunneled for whole game, until all gens were done. Whats my counter play? Nothing, just get griefed, have an awful experience, and then go to the next game. (As a bonus I also get to de pip, thank you BHVR)

Meanwhile killer is LMAOing whole game while griefing survivor.

Why would I want to continue playing the game, when the game is so awful at red ranks especially for solo players. Survivors have no counter play, just forced to get griefed by the killer because BHVR gives negligent penalties, and no perks to counter face camping or tunneling. Only perk we had was nerfed to the ground. The game was fine, and fun at yellow and green ranks. Red ranks are filled with toxic team mates who sandbag you, and killers who camp and grief. And we have to wait years for any significant changes.


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