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PC - Survivor vanished after downing him and game freezes when trying to hook him for some seconds

mugele2mugele2 Member Posts: 4

Plattform: PC, Windows 10 Build 19042

I played the killer Wraith in a public match.

I tryed to hook for two times a survivor (Dwight alias Joe Biden), but this was not possible. I was under the hook. The message SPACE HANG was displayed. I pressed several times the space bar. But the game freezed each time for some seconds until the survivor escapes.

Youtube-Video: https://youtu.be/C7ECbDTFrFQ

Map: The temple of purgation - Red Forest (see at timestamp 0:01)

Match Details: At the begin I pressed ESC to see the match details (see 0:08)

First attempt: I downed first Elodie. Then I downed Dwight. First I hooked Elodie (see 1:00). In the mean time Dwight recovers, gets help from another survivor and runs away. I followed him and downed him again (see 1:40), but he was vanished and reapeared in an other place (see 1:55). I followed Dwight and downed him again (see 2:30), but he vanished again. I followed Dwight an downed him again (see 2:57). This time I could pick him up and bring him to the hook (see 3:10). I pressed several times the SPACE bar, but each time the game freezes for a short time. Then Dwight could escape. I decided to ignore Dwight and play the game against the other survivors.

Second attempt: Dwight blocked the hooking of another survivor (see 5:25). The other survivor could escape. So I tried to hook Dwight for a second time (see 5:40). Same story...

End game dialogs: see 10:00

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