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Ace in the Hole doesn't keep the addons

ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 711

So, I just was playing as Nea on one of the Coldwind Farm maps. And I brought an Anniversary Medkit (+ Gel Dressings & Gauze Roll addons, which were both the last ones of their kind) and the first-level Ace in the Hole perk. Match didn't go very well, but I managed to survive myself by escaping through gates. I haven't dropped the item with the addons at any point in match and escaped with it in hand. Still, after exiting to main survivor lobby, I found out that the addons I used were missing, despite the fact that AitH's description literally says, and I quote, "When escaping, keep any add-ons your item has". Hence I basically wasted perk slot for nothing, although keeping addons was literally the only reason I brought it with me instead of Prove Thyself or Streetwise.

I play on Steam, and you can try to reproduce this bug by just using the said perk. I don't know if it's relevant (it shouldn't be, at least, by any means whatsoever), but one of my teammates also brought White Ward offering (not me, though, I brought the fifth anniversary cake). Unfortunately, I don't have any screenshots or footage to back it up, because I didn't know that the problem even exists until after closing the post-game lobby and looking at my item addons. I'll try this again, to see if it keeps happening.

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  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 711

    Seems to work fine if the there are at least two units of the addon.

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