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My wishes for DbD are:

Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 4,628
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  • the removal of the swamp (especially the grim pantry. [BAD WORD] this map.)
  • the removal of Decisive Strike (*)
  • the removal of Flashlights (or at least a rework, so they wont be used to actively affect the killer and help you to... idk... see more?)
  • a rework for exhaustion perks (exhaustion meter doesnt go down while sprinting) (*)
  • a (real) pallet nerf (not like the last one, where you made unsave pallets save and removed one pallet per map. that was more of a buff than a nerf. maybe you should have a little chat with the person who is responsible for balance. just saying...) (*)
  • a killer buff (movement speed, action speed, range, etc.) (*)
  • good totem locations (*)
  • the old NOED
  • an actually scary atmosphere
  • a punishment for toxicity (e.g. you loose points for getting chased)
  • more hiding places
  • a reward for being stealthy (*)
  • the option to close the hatch (which DOES NOT power the exit gates. maybe you should have a little longer chat with the person who is responsible for balance.) (*)
  • the ability to see SWF groups marked in a lobby (e.g. with a little microphone in red for one group and in blue for a second group (*)
  • the ability to kick someone out of my lobby (*)
  • survivors cant change their loadout / survivor in a killers lobby (they had enough time doing this, before pressing on "find a lobby") (*)
  • that one of the devs actually reads this list.

EDIT: I marked all the changes i really want to get into the game with an (*). The others are just wishes, which will probaply never get into the game.

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  • Tepiglover88Tepiglover88 Member Posts: 44
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  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 4,628

    @Tepiglover88 said:
    Please tell me this is a troll... this sounds like that one kid on Christmas who wishes for 19 ponies and a bugatti... it's not gonna happen...

    thats my wishes. its a wishlist. its never gonna happen. so calm your bals and continue reading serious posts xD

  • Otis_gahOtis_gah Member Posts: 5

    They said they're thinking about reworking/nerfing Decisive strike, Self heal and Exhaustion perks I've heard. But it's probably going to be awhile. Since I started playing killer more i'm actually looking forward to these changes. And yes! I would love the option to be able kick people out of lobbies as killer because sometimes you can just tell when someone's going to troll you by just looking at them.

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