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Give noobs a "starter perk pack"

SnowbawlzzzSnowbawlzzz Member Posts: 1,077
edited July 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

It's hard to get people into this game because of the starting resources. They know they're playing with just the basic perks that come with their character, they know there are better ones, but they don't have the time/money/motivation to powerlevel a different character. They know Ruin exists, but Hag is hard and they're feeling information overload just trying to play Doc. They know Deliverance exists, but they don't want to spend 6.99 on a character they don't want for 1 perk while they're still trying to get Jake to level 50

What I'd suggest to remedy this new player burnout is a first-timer perk pack menu. They get to choose one preset build (4 perks) from a list to get a headstart and be slightly more on-par with their teammates. We experienced players wouldn't get to use this menu as we already have progress on our accounts, it would strictly be a feature for first-timers.

What do you think of this suggestion?


  • BingBongManBingBongMan Member Posts: 631

    Let them also use zanshin tactics and dance with me.

    Those perks seem like necessary noob starters but they're locked behind a paywall. Unless they feel like waiting for the slim chance they'll appear in the shrine.

  • Jholla31Jholla31 Member Posts: 238

    Good idea, in my opinion. Not sure how they would determine which perks would be available or not. If they used the most used killer/survivor perks, there goes BHVR's money from Bubba, Hag, Laurie, etc. If they used mid tier perks like lesser used exhaustion perks, Detective's Hunch, Sloppy Butcher, etc. then they feel left out of the meta before the grind.

    I know as a newbie I liked the grind, but I also started right when the Clown DLC released. But literally dozens of perks have come in game since then.

    I think something like the old "splinter" system would work. Burn an offering that grants you access to one teachable in your next game, maybe? I'm not sure how that would work though.

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,300

    I think killers need better perks, which are available to all killers. They should create at least 1 gen regression perk for everyone. It is quite hard to create decent build for new killers.

  • Morpheus_7_Morpheus_7_ Member Posts: 348

    I have done a lot of apprenticeship! that they do it too !!! ;)

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