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What kind of killer do you want for next chapter?


  1. Range killer (like Huntress, Trickster or Pyramid etc.)
  2. Old School Horror Icon (Dracula, Werewolf etc.)
  3. Icon Slasher (Chucky, Jason, Candyman etc.)
  4. Stealth Killer (like Myers, Ghostface, Pig etc.)
  5. Trapper Killer (like Hag, Trapper, Freddy etc.)
  6. Map Mobility Killer (like Nurse, Blight, Oni etc.)
  7. Anti-Loop Killer (like Nemesis, Deathslinger, Clown etc.)
  8. New Classics (Slenderman, Outlast etc.)
  9. Other Types

Vote poll and we can also talk on this post.

Poll link: https://www.strawpoll.me/455125351



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