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I've become mentally exhausted from playing DBD

Sup3rCatTreeSup3rCatTree Member Posts: 588
edited July 2021 in General Discussions

DBD used to be my favorite game and still is, but I have grinded so much lately ESPECIALLY during the anniversary event, and I have had so many bad experiences that I just gave up. I played one game today and I was already put up.

It was a doctor, just the first 1 minute of the game my teammate Dc'ed, and I don't blame them. So I dc'ed with them because I was already fed up after being spammed with his ability and hearing my character scream every 2 seconds.

I have been playing a lot less and I have just become exhausted. I know some friends that have also felt this way. I think I will take a little break from DBD and just wait until things get better



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