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Ease Up

I don't get what it is tonight, but I think some people who have been playing need to drink some water and ease up. I can't tell you how many games I've played tonight (Generally in a casual 4-2 man SWF, with the 4 and 3 man having a genuine new player) have been against red ranks who stack 2 or more gen regression perks and will absolutely annihlate us before we hit the 3 gen mark while we're just trying to meme or play around. (Bonus points if they brought a mori.) And I know it's the same on the otherside with Killers, with Survivors that will absolutely eat gens and would rather see their friends die on first hook then not pop gens. (Again, bonus points for BNP.)

But like... yeesh, how about we consider easing up a little? Like, we all know bad it feels to be annihlated on either side, so... why push that same feeling onto other players?

Seriously, if the game is already pretty much set to be a W for you, there's no reason why either side can't ease up and at least try to give the other side a chance to recover or at least get more BP- whether it be giving the Survivors a little time to recoupe, reset and try and get a little gen progress, or giving the Killer a hook or two (or heck, even just doing side objectives to give them more time).

Idk, I'm just saying, I think a lot of folks seem to forget that it's just a game, and there's no reason not to ease up and just try to do some goofy stuff for fun, especially if you know you're already bringing home a win.


  • DuneTDuneT Member Posts: 88

    Not many will ease up.

    The majority would rather kick a guy going down in the unmentionables one more time or press his face into the dirt additionally just because they can. You can call it "community spirit" or whatever.

    Expecting the amount of empathy for other players you seem to advocate is just not a thing for most DbD players.

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,814

    In the heat of angry moments, humans will behave in ways they otherwise might not have (toward both themselves, and others), in order to feel better.

    Deep down inside, people don’t want the strife and abuse they’ve grown accustomed to over the course of their lives. Unfortunately, the tendency to gradually allow malice overtake us becomes inevitable (even unbeknownst to us) when the everyday positivities we experience are far and few in-between.

    Starts at birth; baby’s want to be loved, not to be attacked.

    However, I do believe you’re right, abiding by the golden rule would go along way in helping to maintain levels of toxicity in-game, and amongst the community as a whole.

    My life is lived doing good and giving, hoping for nothing in return, in confidence that the reward will be even greater.

    Assuredly, what goes around, most certainly will come back around, in any given shape or form.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,880

    I just realize this.

    If Killer manage to win early game, its mostly over for survivor team. As in, first down in 30sec into match, or 1 dead before 2 Gen done.

    If Survivor manage to win early game, as Killer get 1-2 hook that cost 3 Gen. Killer still have chances to come back. And there are many reasons: Survivors start taking it easy (its ok to have a fun chase and get a first hook, while another survivor walking around finding totem ect), or Survivors make major mistake (which is happen alot), or Killer has End game build (which I use alot, I can sometimes go from 1 hook 4 Gen into 4k with Rancor,Noed,Bloodwarden)

  • ShirokinukatsukamiShirokinukatsukami Member Posts: 1,624

    Well if you're in red ranks you can't expect people to ease up. People in red ranks tend to play for keeps. You don't stay in Red Ranks unless you're good at the game and at least try to play to win.

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171

    Just the way it is. There are plenty of RNG variables in every match including the killer build vs survivors intentions. I can tell you I have not been running any regression perks of late and even when the game is going smooth it still ends up being tight because majority of matches the gens are eaten alive like you receive money for each one complete. A lobby of 4 casuals playing around are rare these days. A killer preparing for the rush of gens is the best play at this current time. Also I would like to add that not all killers use just there mains every game. You have no idea if he is new with that killer or not. I use my whole roster and some I suck ass with but apparently a rank 1 should be amazing with the entire roster. Right?

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,111

    I've been burned before by easing up when players aren't the smartest or best in chase - doesn't make them any less capable of doing gens though. If I'm trying to win I will go easier but only once it's pretty clear the opposing team aren't going to be making a comeback.

  • ThraxThrax Member Posts: 928

    The way you can play a killer pretty much just for the odd daily and get put against people 10+ ranks ahead of you and then play the old standby and get rookies it's just safer to go in like you mean it. Having about a minute isn't enough time to totally readjust if you're into being decent and with the history of long queues in our memory we've gotten to the point we hit ready that first time and get into something else for a minute. If you're browsing and reading something you might let the timer tick down until you can't check your addons and if I brought em I'm gonna use em.

    It's hard to feel pity after the umpteenth time you spend 4 gens finding and downing someone who clearly plays more to only pick them up and be the one under attack. I tend to run M&A to get closer and unless they've piled on a gen there usually isn't a soul around. You more than a corner or two you lose more progress than it's worth to just kick it and go. I've only recently become heartless. I've become what I hated most in the game. I'm now okay with that. No hatch no watching you open the gate no pity if you can't find a good spot to self care. I've burned the rulebook. Humanity has left my soul. Only playing what I feel I can steamroll with and bland meta perks. I'll play less because boring but I'll play something else.

  • KaliniktaKalinikta Member Posts: 695

    If you ease up after a good start and let the other side recover... more often than not you are going to regret it.

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 3,626

    2 gen regression? That's not alot at all and kinda needed when you go against a team that does gens... have you ever thought you and your friends (or randoms) are higher rank than you should be? Like if you're struggling then its probably on you, not being mean but with the bad ranking it happens

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 3,626

    Or the game is just a mess, the early game is the hardest for killer. The fact 4 survivors can spawn separate on gens is a joke, maybe they spawn on your hex too. No matter the killer if survivors do gens and the map and spawning is bad you lose a gen or 2 especially without corrupt. The survivors then arent taking it easy if they lose, they're just actually facing the killer at a more balanced level when the killer is able to begin pressure etc.

  • JPAJPA Member Posts: 1,685

    "Seriously, if the game is already pretty much set to be a W for you, there's no reason why either side can't ease up and at least try to give the other side a chance to recover or at least get more BP"

    There is a reason to not ease up and it's because you could end up losing the game.

    For a Killer: you don't know all the progress on gens, it could be 3 remaining gens but two of them could be at 80%, which means you're actually seconds from 1 gen left. I've had many games where I've eased up on survivors and ended up losing a game I could have won.

    For a Survivor: the game can change at any second with a snowball situation, if the Killer downs/hooks 2 survivors then it puts lots of pressure on the remaining survivors to save, and it is obviously game over if the still standing survivors go down

  • ApollosApollos Member Posts: 1,052

    There was a lot of this during the anniversary event. We'd all burn cakes and then the killer would speedrun the match and make sure all 5 of us got hardly any points. I was so confused by that. Why sweat when we all stand to get a ton of points?

    I try not to get tilted, but it's hard not to get frustrated when killers get so aggressive that they're making the match unfun for everybody. Or when they tunnel one of us like it's a fight to the death when we've managed to finish one gen. I sympathize with killers experiencing the same on their end.

    I see people make a lot of excuses about how they "have" to play on either side, but no one is forcing you to play in a way that makes the game unfun for anyone else.

  • unluckycombounluckycombo Member Posts: 582

    Most games were 2-4, aka two or more gen regression perks per game, witih many having entire builds surruonding it. (Along with playing Killers that we generally anti-loop.)

    However, that was not the point of my post, and it's not an issue of Rank. (I'm at 2.5k hours, and I do play both sides at Red Ranks, and normally sit around Rank 1 as Survivor. I'm cool with like, two regression perks stacked- heck, I'm a lover of Thana+Sloppy myself, but I think it's at least agreeable that stacking three or more slowdown perks is kinda needlessly insane in your average match.) My point is, there's not really a reason why people playing on either side can't ease up on each other when it's absolute annihlation, both to give themselves more points, and to give the other players in this game a chance to play.

    Idk man, I've had plenty of games on both sides where easing up on people at 3 gens left or one hook with 2 gens left on Killer/Survivor hasn't costed me anything. Sure, if you're playing Survivor, a person might not escape- but I've always been of the opinion that getting a 3 man out over a 4 man out or a 3k over a 4k isn't really something to get riled up over, or to consider a 'loss', unless you're playing by some sort of weird challenge rules. (Like the Hardcore Challenge that Dowsey does, or Otz's 50 Wins series, where hatch is a-okay, but Exit Gates aren't.) But, I think those are kinda just niche cases.

    Besides, when I say that 'the game is set to be a W for you', I mean it. I mean games where you get 2-3 hooks by the time the first gen has popped and you know where just about everyone is, and how long they've probably been doing it. (Something that you can do with info perks, not that I really saw any last night- but examples such as seeing no one on BBQ on a gen, getting a hook not long after with everyone already death hook or close to it, and then seeing people actually get on gens for the first time since the game started. And, generally, Survivors don't really understand how to loop, or you just seem to destroy them at every single loop they come to.) Or games where you know the Killer just isn't great, and has no idea how to really use their power, and their potential to snowball is pretty low. (Like the baby Hags who will take every trap, or the Nurses who try to play like M1 Killers, or the Blight that you've kept on a pallet that should be pretty easy for him to get you on, but he's struggling. Hard.) I think situations like that are pretty clear examples of games where you can ease up a little on either side and do other things, and still be confident to get either a 3-4k, or a 3-4 man out, while still giving the other side a chance to play and get some points of their own.

    Might just be me then, I'd rather come out of a game with a 2-1 man out with everyone getting a lot of points, or the opposite of a 1-2k because I misjudged a situation and eased up then end a game where the Survivors are lucky to have gotten over 10k points (with some barely hitting 5k), or the Killer barely even getting 10k points.

    (Plus, I can get the snowball a lot easier against you, especially when playing Killers like Wraith, Legion, or Trapper without any regression perks, so I definitely get where you're coming from- but I kinda assumed in my original post that people are running at least a gen regression perk, since they are the majority of meta perks on Killer's side, and I genuinely don't think it's a bad thing for people to run a regression perk or two.)

    I get the RNG and all, I wouldn't mind it if it was every few games, but when you get to a point like last night for me where it was just game after game for multiple hours of players like that, all of which who were decent on the Killer they were playing (Because you can tell a difference between someone who's new, decent, or good at the Killer they're playing), it's kinda insane and I don't see a reason for it to happen on either side. (Especially since many players don't really make their loadouts a secret during the game on either side when you play, so you can usually tell the difference.) Idk, I just think that there are plenty of games where players, no matter what role they're in queue for, can relax and just kinda chill out instead of just hard focusing on their objectives for the entire game. (Especially, again, when you're against an average Killer and you're destroying them, like a Bubba who struggles to get Bamboozle value and is easily spun, or a Survivor group where you have like 3 hooks by the time the first gen pops, and decide the best course of action is to slug, even though you've already seen everyone that match and have destroyed them at every chase you've been in- especially if you are stacking like 3 or more slowdown perks.)

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 3,514

    Killers rather get messages from salty dead Survivors than "ez" gloating from escaped ones.

    Memeing around as Survivor just shows there is not enough pressure that can be applied to keep players on objectives. Makes killers feel disadvantaged and solo teammates like they are screwed over by matchmaking.

  • VolczVolcz Member Posts: 691
    edited July 2021

    You're asking players to play less serious/dumb down their playstyle/be worse than they are..because you lose too often against them?

    This is like asking an FPS player to play worse cause they're just too good. It aint happenin, chief. Either derank with your homies and get put against lesser quality players or sack up and get used to it.

    What you find draining/tryhard as anti-fun is actually lots of fun to these types of players.

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 3,626

    I will always use two slowdown (ruin and pop or corrupt and pop) its needed alot of games especially on some of the stupidly big maps. Theres not really any other amazing perks to stand out that you get use from, plus when I play killer chases isn't the issue its gen speed so that's why it's used.

    Cant really call sloppy (20%) and thana really slowdown perks, like sure they slow down a tiny bit but not by much at all. But let's take sloppy as an example, you can legit use botany to counter it and still get an extra 13% speed to healing. But survivors dont want to "ease up" on meta perks...

    Point being people will play at their skill, if you're good at a game then it's not much effort to do well. No one likes losing, but from experience survivors tend to rub it in, times iv played survivor and had teammates be toxic and bm the killer when if I didnt do the long chases and gens we wouldn't of escaped. If you arent going to try then you shouldn't be in high rank and hopefully mmr will fix that

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